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NFL Free Agency 2014: NFC East soon-to-be free agents

The 2013 NFL regular season is complete. Over the next couple of weeks, we will build our Phinsider free agency tracker, one division at a time. We continue today with the NFC East.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

While the NFL Playoffs are on going, there's also the 2014 season for which we should be preparing. As we work our way through the Miami Dolphins' offseason, the first major event for the NFL will be the start of free agency in March.

This year, we are going to build a tracker of every available free agent, looking at each division before putting the full list together. So far, we've completed the AFC North, South, and West. Today, we turn our attention to the NFC East.

(Note on the table: if you click on the column title, it will sort by that column.)

Last Name First Name Position Type 2013 Team 2014 Team
Allen Nate S UFA Philadelphia Eagles
Anderson Colt S UFA Philadelphia Eagles
Baker Chris DT UFA Washington Redskins
Barnett Nick LB UFA Washington Redskins
Beason Jon LB UFA New York Giants
Biggers EJ CB UFA Washington Redskins
Boothe Kevin G UFA New York Giants
Briscoe Dezmon WR RFA Washington Redskins
Brown Andre RB UFA New York Giants
Brown Josh K UFA New York Giants
Brown Stevie S UFA New York Giants
Coleman Kurt S UFA Philadelphia Eagles
Cook Ryan C UFA Dallas Cowboys
Cooper Riley WR UFA Philadelphia Eagles
Cordle Jim C RFA New York Giants
Davis Fred TE UFA Washington Redskins
Doughty Reed S UFA Washington Redskins
Fletcher London LB UFA Washington Redskins
Geathers Clifton DE UFA Philadelphia Eagles
Grossman Rex QB UFA Washington Redskins
Gumbs Jose S UFA Washington Redskins
Hall DeAngelo CB UFA Washington Redskins
Hatcher Jason DT UFA Dallas Cowboys
Herzlich Mark LB RFA New York Giants
Hillis Peyton RB UFA New York Giants
Hunt Phillip LB RFA Philadelphia Eagles
Hynoski Henry FB RFA New York Giants
Jackson Rob LB UFA Washington Redskins
Jones Chris P RFA Dallas Cowboys
Jones Donnie P UFA Philadelphia Eagles
Jones Edgar DE UFA Dallas Cowboys
Joseph Linval DT UFA New York Giants
Kehl Bryan LB UFA Washington Redskins
Kitna John QB UFA Dallas Cowboys
Maclin Jeremy WR UFA Philadelphia Eagles
McBride Trumaine CB UFA New York Giants
McCray Danny S UFA Dallas Cowboys
Meriweather Brandon S UFA Washington Redskins
Morgan Josh WR UFA Washington Redskins
Moss Santana WR UFA Washington Redskins
Mundy Ryan S UFA New York Giants
Murphy Louis WR UFA New York Giants
Myers Brandon TE UFA New York Giants
Nicks Hakeem WR UFA New York Giants
Orakpo Brian LB UFA Washington Redskins
Painter Curtis QB UFA New York Giants
Pascoe Bear TE UFA New York Giants
Patterson Mike DT UFA New York Giants
Paysinger Spencer LB RFA New York Giants
Reynolds Dallas C ERFA New York Giants
Riley Perry LB UFA Washington Redskins
Rivers Keith LB UFA New York Giants
Robinson Aldrick WR ERFA Washington Redskins
Rogers Shaun DT UFA New York Giants
Ross Aaron CB UFA New York Giants
Scott Da'Rel RB RFA New York Giants
Sims Ernie LB UFA Dallas Cowboys
Spencer Anthony DE UFA Dallas Cowboys
Tanner Phillip RB RFA Dallas Cowboys
Tapp Darryl LB UFA Washington Redskins
Thomas Terrell CB UFA New York Giants
Thornton Cedric DE RFA Philadelphia Eagles
Tuck Justin DE UFA New York Giants
Vick Michael QB UFA Philadelphia Eagles
Walton J.D. C UFA Washington Redskins
Waters Brian G UFA Dallas Cowboys
Webster Corey CB UFA New York Giants
Wilson Josh CB UFA Washington Redskins
Worthington Doug DE RFA Washington Redskins
Wynn Jarius DE UFA Dallas Cowboys