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Dolphins GM update: Caserio turns down offer, Dolphins with three candidates

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The Miami Dolphins were reportedly turned down by New England Patriots Director of Player Personnel Nick Caserio last night when they offered him their vacant General Manager position. The team will now look to one of three candidates for the position.

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Let's face it, last night was a rough night. All of us had our hopes rise with news that the Miami Dolphins had offered their vacant General Manager position to New England Patriots Director of Player Personnel Nick Caserio. It briefly appeared that the Dolphins were in position to make themselves better, while also weakening an AFC East rival. It was looking like a great move.

Then, Caserio rejected the offer. He decided that his affinity for his position with the Patriots was greater than his desire to join Miami. Suddenly, the Dolphins were once again in a tailspin, missing out on the candidate they wanted.

Maybe the Dolphins did offer Caserio the job, and they truly believed he was interested after two days of interviews. But, it is of note that Caserio rejecting the job came out very quickly after the report that the offer was made. The "affinity" for the job in New England could very easily signal that he worked the Dolphins and the Patriots into more money in Foxboro.

It's the immediate thought a lot of people seem to have had, and it's unfortunately a common practice as of late around the Dolphins. Then again, the Dolphins also put themselves in this position by having a coach or GM search every two- to three-years as of late.

Now, with Caserio remaining in Foxboro, the Dolphins will turn their attention to the remaining three candidates for the position. Miami Assistant GM Brian Gaine likely returns to the favorite position with Tennessee Titans Vice President of Player Personnel Lake Dawson and Tampa Bay Buccaneers Director of Player Personnel Dennis Hickey.

The team is looking to hire a GM sometime early this week, and, if all the reports are true, were looking to have Caserio in place this weekend. Now, Gaine, Dawson, or Hickey are likely to be offered the job today or tomorrow, and will, hopefully, accept and be installed as the new GM.