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Caserio Offered Dolphins GM Position And then Turns Down Dolphins To Stay With Pats

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Patriots Nick Caserio offered Dolphins GM position only to turn it down to remain with the Patriots.

It was first reported by Dianna Marie Russini of CBS Sports in Washington that the general manager position has been offered to Patriots director of pro personnel, Nick Caserio. The Dolphins await his decision according to her reports. I am still trying to confirm this report further. Dianne is said to be a highly respected reporter from the DC area but what her connection to anyone with or with information on the Dolphins I have yet to find. Please stay tuned for updates as they come in.


Update #2-

Update #3-

After the usual Twitter explosion it was revealed that the initial reports of Caserio being offered the position were correct but it seems, from all reports that he has instead of taking the position decided to stay put in New England.