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Dolphins interviewing Nick Caserio for GM position

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Just when the Dolphins appeared set to move into a second round of interviews for their General Manager position, a new name has popped up. According to a report, the Dolphins are interviewing New England Patriots' Nick Caserio today.


The Miami Dolphins are expected to move into the second round of interviews with three finalists for the team's vacant General Manager position this weekend. However, it now appears one more person has slid into the mix, with the team conducting another interview today:

2013 NFL Draft - Patriots making a trade with Nick Caserio working the phones

Waiting for a chance to interview Caserio, given the New England Patriots' long run into the AFC Championship game, could explain the long delay between the Dolphins' first round of interviews, and the finalists meeting this weekend. Could Caserio be among the favorites?

Caserio has spent his entire NFL career with New England, joining the team in 2001 as a personnel assistant. He's bounced back and forth between Bill Belichick's front office and coaching staff, working as an offensive coaching assistant in 2002 and the wide receivers coach in 2007. On the front office side, he was an area scout in 2003, the Director of Pro Personnel from 2004 to 2006, and was named the Director of Player Personnel in 2008, the position he still holds.

Caserio is the top personnel executive for the Patriots, where Coach Belichick also serves as the team's General Manager.

The Dolphins have not officially announced the interview.