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Dolphins GM search narrowing down to Gaine, Dawson

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The Miami Dolphins are entering their final round of interviews for their vacant General Manager position. The team is believed to be targeting three potential replacements for Jeff Ireland, and is hoping to have someone hired as early as Monday.


The Miami Dolphins are planning to conduct their second round of interviews with potential hires for the team's vacant General Manager position. The team is expected to re-interview their Assistant GM Brian Gaine, Tennessee Titans Vice President of Player Personnel Lake Dawson, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers Director of Player Personnel Dennis Hickey.

However, the biggest news of the day yesterday came when Cleveland Browns Assistant GM Ray Farmer, considered the favorite over the past week, turned down a chance at a second interview. Farmer was reportedly confused by the Dolphins' power structure, and decided he would continue in his position as the Cleveland Assistant GM, despite Jon Wooten of the Fritz Pollard Alliance recommending Farmer take the interview and get clarification.

"He has reservations about the structure of the Dolphins," Wooten told the Miami Herald's Armando Salguero yesterday. "He's not certain who would be running things, whether it would be him or someone else. I told him the only way you can find out is to take the second interview and get the answer."

The power structure concerns and confusion has been a common theme around the media and NFL this week. The Dolphins are expected to run a triumvirate style of leadership, with head coach Joe Philbin, Executive Vice President of Football Administration Dawn Aponte, and the new GM all answering to owner Stephen Ross. The confusion over who would have final say on matters is said to be a factor in other potential GM candidates deciding to not take initial interviews with Miami.

The front runner now seems to be the Dolphins staying in house and promoting Gaine. While he has been working underneath Jeff Ireland the last few years, Gaine is well respected around the NFL and is said to be his own man, not just a protege of Ireland.

The team is looking to complete the GM search this weekend, with the goal of hiring someone for the position next week, possibly as early as Monday.