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Dolphins coach changes: Power struggle in Davie?

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Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross is currently trying to decide what direction he wants to send the team for the 2014 season. Does he blow up the entire coach and front office staff? Does he target specific people? And, how does he balance that with Joe Philbin's contractual powers to fire and hire?

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There could be a power struggle brewing in Davie, Florida today, as Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross looks to redirect his floundering franchise, putting them on a new path for 2014. He is said to be deciding on who, if anyone, needs to be fired. But, that could cause a problem with head coach Joe Philbin, who, in his contract, has the right to hire or fire his own staff. Philbin is believed to want to keep the coaching staff intact, while Ross wants changes.

The Miami Herald's Armando Salguero laid out the issue in a series of tweets this morning:

Obviously, Salguero is dead on correct here. The Dolphins, for better or worse, are Ross' team. He makes all final decisions, and, if Philbin refuses to bend toward the will of Ross, things could quickly elevate from a targeted removal of a few assistants to the end of the entire Philbin regime. Would Philbin stand by his staff to the point that he sacrifices his own job? Probably not, but he could at least make a stand for his subordinates until the point that Ross lays down the ultimatum.

Today feels like the day that we could start to hear what Ross has decided. He is expected in the team facilities in Davie today, so things could start to happen. Of course, he could also meet with everyone involved, and listen to their plans for next year, then decide to deliberate further and put off any personnel changes until tomorrow or later. At this point, it's all up to Ross.