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Dolphins OC Bill Lazor Conference Call Transcript

The Miami Dolphins announced the hiring of offensive coordinator Bill Lazor yesterday. They then held a conference call with their newest coach. We have the full transcript of that call.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

(Opening statement) - "I would just like to say how much I am looking forward to being part of the Dolphins, how excited I am about it. I'm looking forward to getting to Miami and getting to work. I was extremely excited when Coach (Joe) Philbin offered me the position of offensive coordinator. We spent a good amount of time getting to know each other. What I know about Coach Philbin is that he and the organization are committed to winning. I'm excited to being part of a winner, and in my opinion I think a strong nucleus is in place to help build a winning team. I think the work that coach has done has laid a foundation, and my job is simply to come in a work and we are going to work at it. I'm really excited to be there and have a chance to meet everyone. I would like to thank Jeffrey Lurie, Chip Kelly and the entire Eagles organization including the players that I have worked with because it's really been a great experience over this last year and a great opportunity, but it's time to look forward and I'm excited to get to Miami."

(On what was the biggest selling points that convinced him the Dolphins were the right fit for him) - "It's simple, it was Coach (Joe) Philbin himself. It's about people, and it's about trusting the person that you are working for and working with. You want to be around people with character. You want to be around people who are committed to winning and doing things the right way. I want to be around football people, which is what Coach Philbin is. He's a football coach. He has a great reputation. I've known about him. We've known each other a little bit maybe casually for a number of years. The more that I researched who he is then when I had a chance to meet with Coach Philbin, the interaction we had as far as talking football, talking schemes and going back and forth, it really sold me on the fact that this is the kind of person who can lead an organization. He is the kind of coach that is committed to winning and who I felt like I could come and help and picture myself working with to build a winner."

(On the media reports that he was a candidate for other offensive coordinator openings) - "Well I can't comment on decisions other organizations would make. What I can tell you is from the moment Coach (Joe) Philbin called the Eagles to ask permission to speak with me, through my interview process with him, though all the phone conversations that we've had since then, it's been a very clear, open communication between me and Coach Philbin. He's been very consistent with what he told me, the timeline he gave me. There were no surprises I don't think from either side, myself or from him. I think we both did a very thorough job in the decision-making process. I really stayed focused on Coach Philbin and what our conversations were the whole time. I really didn't really focus on any outside distractions."

(On what kind of offense and blocking scheme he plans on running with the Dolphins) - "The clearest way to say it, and it's probably disappointing, is to say this is the Miami Dolphins' offense. The number one factor in how we do it and specifically how it looks is going to be the ability of the players we have. I've done a little bit of research because I thought it was important for me to going through the decision making process, but I haven't done nearly enough to be able to answer that question. I can tell you that in talking with Coach (Joe) Philbin and working with him so far, I'm really excited. We'll make great decisions in the direction that we need to go and how we are going to get it done."

(On experience working under Chip Kelly and what was it that helped him develop Nick Foles) - "The biggest thing you can say about Chip Kelly is he is himself every single day. What you see is what you get, and the things that he believes in are the things that we take action on every day. There's no duplicity. There's nothing that isn't evident. When you are talking about working for Chip Kelly, there is a lot of energy. I think a lot of that comes through on how the offense played as Coach Kelly called the offense and in charge of how practice was put together. I think the things that are true in football, whether someone goes from the shotgun or under center or what pace you go, the things that are true are always true. The fundamentals that are important to win football games, it's our job to make sure we are teaching those fundamentals. Certainly Coach Kelly had an impact on me. I've had a chance to really work for great head coaches. Most of them have been offensive head coaches, but every one of them have had some kind of impact on my philosophy offensively and my philosophy on what works for football. When you come off of a season like we did where we were the leading rushing team in the NFL. We had the leading rusher. We had the highest rated passer. We were able to be an explosive offense. Certainly a lot of things that led to that are going to have a great impact on what I believe works going forward."

(On if he will bring any coaches with him or continue with the current offensive staff) - "Obviously Coach (Joe) Philbin is in charge of the structure of the staff, and he and I have not had all of our conversations about the structure of the staff. What I know, and I did my research, is I know these are good coaches on the staff. They have great reputations. I'm excited to get to know them because I have not had a chance to get to know all of them. That's something that will be handled going forward."

(On something he has learned from the coaches that he has worked for along the way of his coaching career) - "Well if we went one-by-one, we would exceed the time Jason (Jenkins) is going to give us. The number one thing that I think is common among all of those coaches, some of them you mentioned guys like Dan Reeves, Joe Gibbs, Mike Holmgren and Chip Kelly, the number one thing that was common was that they had a vision of how offensive football should look. They had a vision of what the football team is going to look like. Every single day when we went out to practice, they made sure that what they saw in the field was heading toward that vision. It's the job of the coaches to keep pushing it in that direction. Each of them was different in how they wanted to win football games. Each of them was different in how they called the plays, but they had a vision, they knew what it was going to look like and it was an absolute drive to push the football team in that direction. I think as coaches, what I've learned from them is when we sit down and put together the offense and make our plans, there's got to be a vision that doesn't change, that we are all committed to, and then every single day we are with the players and have a chance to impact them we keep driving in that same direction."

(On his impressions of Ryan Tannehill and what are one or two things he wants him to improve on) - "I've watched Ryan (Tannehill). I had a chance to see him during this season as far as some crossover game film. As I mentioned earlier, I had a chance to watch a little bit of video in my preparation and my talking with Coach (Joe) Philbin. The first thing I would say is that I'm really excited to work with him. I was coaching in college, I had left the NFL and was coaching in college when he came out, so I did not have the chance that maybe some others had at that time to evaluate him. I'm excited to work with him because I see a lot of ability. I see both physical ability. It appears from what I see the ability to play the game. It would be premature to make an evaluation of what he can be and what he can do because I haven't been around him that much. I think, as I mentioned before, I think there is a nucleus here in a lot of ways with Coach Philbin, with the staff and certainly with some of the talent I've had a chance to see so far. I'm really excited to be working with these players."

(On going forward with Joe Philbin) - "As someone mentioned before, I've worked for some coaches who are considered to be great coaches. I've been around a little bit, and I know this. I know that as coaches we are competitors. I'm a competitor, and when I come into a situation my mindset is I'm here to work and to get this thing done. When I spoke to Coach Philbin after he offered me the job, I was excited to have the chance to call him back and accept the job to tell him how committed I was to winning and to doing it with him. The fact that right now my future and his future are together. I'm with him. I'm in it with him, and that's how I approach it every day. I choose to compete, and I choose to make an impact and be a difference maker. That's why I'm here."

(On if he will be calling plays) - "Yes"

(On what made him become a coach and why he continues to do it) - "I ruined it with the last answer I think. I'm a competitor. I compete. This is what I've done, and this is what we enjoy. I always enjoyed football. When I got done playing at the college level, it was time to pick the next thing and to me it was the greatest way to continue to compete. I love helping to build the team. I love having a chance to impact young men's lives, but first and foremost I love the football. Going out there on Sundays and having a chance to put it up against someone else's best and competing to win. That's what we are going to do every day, compete in the meeting room, in the classroom, on the practice field and on Sundays."