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Dolphins to interview Ben McAdoo today for Offensive Coordinator; Kubiak complete

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The Miami Dolphins have had a quiet few days on the offenesive coordinator front. However, it now appears at least two more potential replacements for Mike Sherman will be in Florida today.


The Miami Dolphins have two concurrent searches for major replacements ongoing right now. First is the team's hunt for a new General Manager, with the latest update coming out this morning that the team is interviewing Brian Xanders. The second is the team's search for a new Offensive Coordinator, which has been fairly quiet since the team interviewed Bill Lazor and Kyle Shanahan last week.

Now, two more names appear to have been linked to the team's offensive coordinator search. According to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel's Dave Hyde, the Dolphins have already completed their interview with former Houston Texans head coach Gary Kubiak. Hyde reports that the interview went well.

ESPN, and other media sources, are reporting a more familiar name is on the radar for an interview today:

McAdoo served as the Packers tight ends coach under Miami head coach Joe Philbin when Philbin was Green Bay's offensive coordinator. He was considered the leading candidate for the offensive coordinator position when Philbin moved to Miami in 2012, but the Packers blocked the interview. Now, he is once again considered among the favorites to land the job this year.

SB Nation's Acme Packing Company points out that McAdoo to Miami makes sense, especially when you consider McAdoo and Philbin already have a working relationship, and McAdoo understands the offensive philosophy of the Miami head coach. However, they also point to another reason why Miami could be a target location for McAdoo over other interested teams, such as the New York Giants, where McAdoo was interviewed on Monday: Ryan Tannehill.

In the "pure speculation" category, it may also be more appealing for McAdoo to work with a younger and potentially more malleable quarterback in Ryan Tannehill than a struggling veteran like Eli Manning.

McAdoo has also interviewed this offseason for the Cleveland Browns' head coach position.

[CORRECTION:] The Dolphins have not interviewed Gary Kubiak.  The team and Kubiak simply spoke, which Hyde characterizes as "good."