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2014 NFL Free Agents: AFC South soon-to-be free agents

The 2013 NFL regular season is complete. Over the next couple of weeks, we will build our Phinsider free agency tracker, one division at a time. We continue this morning with the AFC South

Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

While the NFL Playoffs are on going, there's also the 2014 season for which we should be preparing. As we work our way through the Miami Dolphins' offseason, including the search for the team's new General Manager and Offensive Coordinator, the first major event for the NFL will be the start of free agency in March.

This year, we are going to build a tracker of every available free agent, looking at each division before putting the full list together. Previously, we took a look at the AFC North soon-to-be free agents. Today, we turn our attention to the AFC South.

Last Name First Name Position Type 2013 Team 2014 Team
Angerer Patrick LB UFA Indianapolis Colts
Battle Jackie RB UFA Tennessee Titans
Bethea Antoine S UFA Indianapolis Colts
Blackmon Will CB UFA Jacksonville Jaguars
Bradfield Cameron T RFA Jacksonville Jaguars
Bradshaw Ahmad RB UFA Indianapolis Colts
Braman Bryan LB RFA Houston Texans
Britt Kenny WR UFA Tennessee Titans
Brown Donald RB UFA Indianapolis Colts
Brown Sergio S UFA Indianapolis Colts
Brown Mike WR ERFA Jacksonville Jaguars
Conner Kavell LB UFA Indianapolis Colts
Davis Vontae CB UFA Indianapolis Colts
Deaderick Brandon DT UFA Jacksonville Jaguars
Franklin Aubrayo DT UFA Indianapolis Colts
Gordy Josh CB RFA Indianapolis Colts
Graham Garrett TE UFA Houston Texans
Harbor Clay TE UFA Jacksonville Jaguars
Harris Ryan T UFA Houston Texans
Henne Chad QB UFA Jacksonville Jaguars
Heyward-Bey Darrius WR UFA Indianapolis Colts
Hickman Justin LB ERFA Indianapolis Colts
Jean Lestar WR RFA Houston Texans
Johnson Cam LB ERFA Indianapolis Colts
Johnson Antonio DT UFA Tennessee Titans
Jones Greg FB UFA Houston Texans
Jones-Drew Maurice RB UFA Jacksonville Jaguars
Karim Deji RB RFA Houston Texans
Linkenbach Jeff T UFA Indianapolis Colts
Love Kyle DT UFA Jacksonville Jaguars
Lutrus Scott LB RFA Indianapolis Colts
Mack Elbert CB UFA Houston Texans
Mariani Marc WR UFA Tennessee Titans
Matthews Ricardo NT UFA Indianapolis Colts
Matthews Kevin CB RFA Tennessee Titans
Mays Joe LB UFA Houston Texans
McAfee Pat P UFA Indianapolis Colts
McClain Terrell DT RFA Houston Texans
McGlynn Mike G UFA Indianapolis Colts
Meester Brad CB UFA Jacksonville Jaguars
Mitchell Earl DT UFA Houston Texans
Moala Fili DE UFA Indianapolis Colts
Otto Mike T UFA Tennessee Titans
Pasztor Austin G ERFA Jacksonville Jaguars
Pitoitua Ropati DE UFA Tennessee Titans
Pollard Bernard S UFA Tennessee Titans
Price Taylor WR UFA Jacksonville Jaguars
Reisner Allen TE RFA Jacksonville Jaguars
Reitz Joe G RFA Indianapolis Colts
Sapp Ricky LB RFA Houston Texans
Sharpton Darryl LB UFA Houston Texans
Sidbury Lawrence LB UFA Indianapolis Colts
Smith Antonio DE UFA Houston Texans
Smith Wade G UFA Houston Texans
Smith Rusty QB UFA Tennessee Titans
Spencer Chris G UFA Tennessee Titans
Tate Ben RB UFA Houston Texans
Ta'ufo'ou Will FB ERFA Jacksonville Jaguars
Todman Jordan RB RFA Jacksonville Jaguars
Turner Rob G UFA Tennessee Titans
Vaughn Cassius CB UFA Indianapolis Colts
Verner Alterraun DB UFA Tennessee Titans
Vinatieri Adam K UFA Indianapolis Colts
Walter Kevin WR UFA Tennessee Titans
Washington Leon RB UFA Tennessee Titans
Williams Damian WR UFA Tennessee Titans
Young Sam T UFA Jacksonville Jaguars