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New capability on the site: Contextual sharing

Have you ever read a line on the Phinsider and thought, "I would really like to tweet that exact sentence out to the world?" Well, now you can do exactly that.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The SB Nation Support team released a pretty cool new feature for the Phinsider (and all of SB Nation) today. All you have to do to see the new feature is highlight a sentence. Seriously, highlight any sentence.

See what happens? You now can tweet or post on Facebook the exact sentence you are reading. Didn't feel like trying it? Fine, time for a screen shot:


See, when you highlight a line, a little box shows up at the end of the highlight, and you can choose either to tweet or share on Facebook. (Wouldn't it have been easier if you had just tried it yourself?)

Then, once you pick your option, you will get a box that will allow you to edit your tweet/post before hitting the send button. Pretty simple, pretty straight forward, and a pretty cool addition to the site.