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NFL International Series: Tickets on sale tomorrow for UK single games

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The NFL's International Series will begin selling single game tickets tomorrow, including for the September 28 game featuring the Miami Dolphins and Oakland Raiders. The tickets available will be the premium and club level seats.

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The Miami Dolphins will face the Oakland Raiders in London during the 2014 edition of the NFL International Series. The game will be played in Week 4, taking place on September 28, with kickoff at 1pm ET, or 6pm in the UK. So far, the league has only been offering season ticket packages, covering all three games next year, with the Atlanta Falcons and Detroit Lions in Week 8 and the Jacksonville Jaguars and Dallas Cowboys in Week 10, along with the Dolphins-Raiders game. However, that changes tomorrow when single game tickets begin to be available.

On January 14, the league will begin selling the Club and Premium Club tickets for the individual games, starting at 10am. There is no set date for the non-club seat individual tickets to go on sale, though the league does list "mid-January" as the start date.

The Club seats are listed for £110 while the Premium Club seats are £149.

There are still season packages available for the lower end zone (£156), upper sideline (£108), and childrens tickets (£52.50). Hospitality tickets are also available for £987 and £1,317.

Tickets can be purchased from Ticketmaster.

[UPDATE:] The league has annouced that the remaining tickets for the non-club areas will go on sale Thursday, January 6 at 10am. The prices for those tickets will be: Lower sideline - £105; Upper sideline (Rows 1-20) - £70; Lower End Zone - £65; Upper sideline (Rows 20+) - £45; Upper End Zone - £37.50; Childrens tickets (16 & under) - £17.50.