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Dolphins GM search continues to add more names, Tom Gamble now on list

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The Miami Dolphins list of potential replacements for Jeff Ireland as the team's next General Manager continues to grow. Now, the name a lot of people were waiting to hear, has emerged with a report that the Dolphins have requested to speak with the Philadelphia Eagles' Tom Gamble.


The Miami Dolphins began their General Manager interviews today, starting with the Arizona Cardinals' Jason Licht, currently their Vice President of Player Personnel after four years as the New England Patriots' Director of Player Personnel. But, it's another name people have been waiting to hear: Philadelphia Eagles' Vice President of Player Peronnel Tom Gamble. Looks like that wait is over:

Gamble joined the Eagles in 2013. Prior to that, he spent eight years with the San Francisco 49ers starting as their Director of Pro Personnel before being promoted in 2010 to Directer of Player Personnel. From 1998 to 2004, Gamble was a college scout for the Indianapolis Colts under Bill Poilian. In 1997 he worked with the Baltimore Ravens as a pro scout, and the year prior was a college scout for the Carolina Panthers.

For the 1995 and 1996 seasons, Gamble served as a defensive assistant and quality control coach for the New York Jets. His NFL caeer began as an assistant in the Eagles' player personnel department, beginning in 1988 and working his way up to college scouting administrator, area scout, contract negotiator, and Director if Pro Scouting between then and 1994.

Gamble's father, Harry, served as the Eagles' General Manager from 1985-1995.

Of course, this is simply a request to speak with Gamble by the Dolphins. He could choose to not take the interview, and the Eagles could look for some way to keep Gamble within their organization, either through a promotion or a raise. But, it does put one of the hotest GM names in the league on the Dolphins' radar as they look to fill Jeff Ireland's vacated position.