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Mel Kiper mock draft 2014: Dolphins have no offensive line options

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The NFL Draft starts a week from tomorrow, finally ending a spring full of rumors, speculations, and, of course, mock drafts. Yesterday, both Todd McShay and Mel Kiper, Jr., posted their latest mocks on ESPN. Let's take a look at Kiper's version.

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Earlier today, we took a look at the latest 2014 NFL Mock Draft from Todd McShay, with a good debate starting around whether or not he has the Miami Dolphins reaching in the first round.  McShay was not the only ESPN analyst to post a new first round projection yesterday, however, as Mel Kiper, Jr., also updated his latest  2014 NFL Mock Draft.

Kiper starts in the same place as McShay, with the first five selections being identical:  the Houston Texans picking Jadeveon Clowney, the St. Louis Rams selecting Greg Robinson, the Jacksonville Jaguars adding Sammy Watkins, the Cleveland Browns picking Johnny Manziel, and the Oakland Raiders grabbing Khalil Mack.

Similar to McShay's projection, Kiper's projection also has offensive tackle Taylor Lewan (sixth to the Atlanta Falcons), tackle Jake Matthews (ninth to the Buffalo Bills), defensive tackle Aaron Donald (12th to the New York Giants), offensive lineman Zack Martin (15th to the Pittsburgh Steelers), safety Calvin Pryor (16th to the Dallas Cowboys), and tight end Eric Ebron (17th to the Baltimore Ravens) all off the board before Miami's pick in the 19th spot.  Where do the Dolphins look?

Kiper does not give us the ability to debate a "reach" as McShay did, but rather takes a pick that is becoming more-and-more popular for the Dolphins.  Kiper sees the Dolphins adding linebacker C.J. Mosley with the 19th overall pick.  About the selection, Kiper writes:

This pick is about how the board lines up. The offensive line options here are a reach for me; the pass-rusher is, too, as I don't see Anthony Barr as a great option at this spot; the top two cornerbacks will also be gone. Mosley is the best player available here, and it'll be hard to keep him off the field, given his ability to cover. If the Dolphins are looking to save money at this time next year, they'll be glad they have him. Even when it's not a round peg in a round hole from a need standpoint, any team can tell you drafting a player you know makes you better means something.

While not giving us the reach debate from the McShay post, this pick does provide us with another debate Dolphins fans seem to enjoy as of late: Mosley versus Ryan Shazier.  On which side of that debate do you find yourself?  Is Mosley the right pick here?  Would you look some other way?