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Cannata's Miami Dolphins Seven-Round Mock Draft - Version 3.0

The NFL Draft begins on May 8 and we are a little more than two weeks away! In this version of my mock draft, I change the second round pick and put a name to the third and fourth round pick! I also have tweaked the positions in the bottom of the draft.

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In my first version, I posted my position mock draft for the Miami DolphinsIf you missed it, you can click here to take a look. Last week, I tweaked some things around. If you missed that, you can click here. As we move closer to the draft, I'll be updating the mock draft each to include who I think the Dolphins will select in that round. As more information comes out, I may even change the position that I think the Dolphins will attack in a particular round.

Today, I've changed the pick in round two and added player names in rounds three and four. I've also tweaked the positions at the bottom of the draft. Next week, I will continue to tweak and will put names in rounds four and five.

Round 1: C.J. Mosley - Linebacker
I am still holding firm on this pick and believe that he will be the pick on May 8. There is so much talk about the Dolphins selecting a right tackle in the first round. The problem is though that this draft is extremely deep and a solid right tackle can be found in a later round. At the end of the day, the right tackle isn't going to win the team any games in crunch time. In addition, a right tackle can be helped by a running back (Knowshown Moreno) and/or a good blocking tight end in pass protection. With a linebacker, you will get someone who can shut down the run in crunch time, make a huge sack in crunch time, and/or break up a pass in crunch time.

The Dolphins may trade up to get Jake Matthews but I'm not sure he will drop far enough. Therefore, the Dolphins best bet would be to draft a linebacker. That linebacker is insider linebacker C.J. Mosley. It is being reported in several inner circles that the Dolphins are in love with Mosley and would love to add him to the team and for good reason. Mosley has great instincts and is very fluid on the field. He can break through blocks and get to the ball quickly. While his tackling isn't always consistent, his instincts more than make up for it as he rarely makes a mental mistake. Interesting enough, some have compared Mosley to Lavonte David of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who general manager Dennis Hickey had a role in drafting.

In 2012, Mosley had 107 tackles, which was the second-highest total by an Alabama linebacker in the past 25 years. He had eight tackles for a loss, four sacks, and two interceptions. Mosley can be an instant impact on the defense and will greatly improve the linebacker corps.

Round 2: Billy Turner - Offensive Tackle
Up until today, I had the Dolphins selecting a tight end in this round. However, I don't think the Dolphins will go that route anymore and instead, will get their offensive tackle in the second round. If I were drafting, I would strongly consider Billy Turner from North Dakota State University.

While some have projected Turner at guard in the NFL, I think he will be a great right tackle in the NFL. As an offensive tackle and team captain at North Dakota State, he played in 57 games and started 56 of them.

Turner is explosive, hits with power and has a great initial punch at the snap of the ball. His ability to get to the second level is flawless and does a great job engaging oncoming defenders once at the second level. While he initially might struggle with speed rushers, some quick coaching up on footwork and technique will allow him to use his punch and instincts to be successful.

The fact that Turner is so explosive at the snap of the ball will make him hard to pass up. Turner has visited with the Dolphins and he definitely will be in play when the Dolphins are on the clock.

Round 3: Devin Street - Wide Receiver
The Dolphins have been bringing in a lot of wide receivers in for visits so their interest in one is real. In addition, if Mike Wallace doesn't perform well this season, they can get out of his contract going into the next offseason without much of a penalty. Devin Street would make a lot of sense for the Dolphins in the third round.

Street is just about 6'3 and weighs 198 pounds and was a team captain on the University of Pittsburgh team. He played in 49 games and started 40 of them. In 2013 against the three toughest opponents (Florida State, Duke and Notre Dame), he averaged 5.3 receptions per game, 127.7 yards, and 1.33 touchdowns.

Street is vastly underrated and part of that is due to his slow 40 times. However, he has long arms and is able to use them to break off the press and separate himself from defenders. His awareness is high and is a great route runner. While he may not break away from a defender after the catch, he will almost always make the tough catch and find plenty of separation.

Round 4: Jordan Tripp - Linebacker
The Dolphins got their middle linebacker in the first round but have also been rumored to want to add competition on the outside as well. Selecting Jordan Tripp in the fourth round will add that competition and let the best man win the job. Tripp comes from the University of Montana and was a team captain. He played in 52 games and started 38 of them.

Tripp is raw but he has huge potential. His movement skills off the ball are some of the best in the draft and it will be his footwork and instincts that help him develop into a good player. While Tripp may not end up starting right away, he will be able to contribute in other areas such as special teams while he learns the nuances of the game.

Round 5: Offensive Guard
The Dolphins signed Shelley Smith in the offseason to start at one of the guard positions. They will have numerous guys competing for the other guard spot. These players are Dallas Thomas, Sam Brenner and Nate Garner. However, the Dolphins need insurance in case one of them doesn't work out. Some names to consider in round five are Dakota Dozier, Ryan Groy, Chris Burnette and Brandon Linder.

Round 6: Running Back
After seeing how they are looking to add even more competition at the running back spot in addition to Knowshon Moreno, I'm predicting the Dolphins will select a running back in the sixth round. Right now, it looks like the odd man out will be Daniel Thomas. If the Dolphins draft a running back, the next one out could be Marcus Thigpen. Some names to keep an eye on are Henry Josey, De'Anthony Thomas and Storm Johnson.

Round 7: Offensive Tackle
Doubling down on a position is never a bad idea as it creates competition and you never know which player will turn out to be the better pick. The Dolphins should do with the right tackle position in this draft and select another prospect in round seven. Some players to consider are Donald Hawkins, Kyle Bryant and Matt Hall.

Matthew Cannata is a columnist for The Phinsider. Be sure to follow him on Twitter: @PhinManiacs