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Phinsider community mock draft team reminder - STILL NEED 8 TEAMS

The Phinsider community mock draft kicks off tomorrow morning. We still need 12 teams to email me, as well as 3 alternates.


The Phinsider community mock draft kicks off tomorrow morning - well, technically it's already started as the first pick has been emailed to me. But, we will send out the start of the draft in the morning. The goal is to try to complete two full rounds this year, with the results posted on May 5's #MockMonday.

The emails of community members confirming their teams have been steadily coming in over the last two days, but we still have 12 teams and 3 alternates who have not contact me. Below is the list. If it says email next to your name, I have received your email.

To review the rules, you will have three hours from the time I email you putting you on the clock to email me back your pick; include with it a short explanation of your selection.

Now, back to the list:

[UPDATED at 11pm ET]:

bbickley Texans Email
Phinaholic Redskins Email
zacksullivann Jaguars
KJM87 Browns Email
bacattack51 Raiders Email
rocfinfhan Falcons Email
Dolfankenny Buccaneers Email
wild zion beaver Vikings Email
TheFloridianDebater Bills Email
Brian Naidus Lions Email
SUTTON Titans Email
small balls Giants Email
darryldunphy Croaker Rams
twinssdfan Bears
IsaiahDaDolfan42 Steelers
Andy in Omaha Cowboys Email
TheFins Ravens Email
Agent J 78 Jets Email
IMadeThisNameAfterWeDraftedReshadJones Dolphins Email
socalphinfanatic Cardinals Email
patfla1971 Packers
dolphinfan4lyfe Eagles Email
Finzphan68 Chiefs Email
qu3nch Bengals
Zero The Hero Chargers Email
Hollywood Dolfan Colts Email
EverybodyLovesDolphins Saints Email
Dolfan00 Panthers Email
bartleby182 Patriots
Alex Parish 49ers Email
thedebonair1 Broncos
Marino_#13 Seahawks Email


Elzabar Email
ck4 Email
dedington Email