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Phinsider Community Mock Draft Team Assignments

Over the weekend, we asked you to sign up for our Phinsider Community Mock Draft. After random selection, we can now tell you the team assignments, and start the draft process.

Chris Chambers

The annual Phinsider Community Mock Draft returns starting this week, with a goal of a two round mock draft to be posted on May 5th, the final #MockMonday before the actual 2014 NFL Draft. Over this past weekend, we asked anyone who was interested in joining the community mock this year to sign up in the comments of a thread. I think took the 39 people who volunteered and randomly ordered them. That order was then lined up with the draft order for the first round of the draft - without trades.

That process now allows us to announce the 2014 Phinsider Community Mock Draft team assignments. They are:

bbickley Texans
Phinaholic Redskins
zacksullivann Jaguars
KJM87 Browns
bacattack51 Raiders
rocfinfhan Falcons
Dolfankenny Buccaneers
wild zion beaver Vikings
TheFloridianDebater Bills
Brian Naidus Lions
small balls Giants
darryldunphy Croaker Rams
twinssdfan Bears
IsaiahDaDolfan42 Steelers
Andy in Omaha Cowboys
TheFins Ravens
Agent J 78 Jets
IMadeThisNameAfterWeDraftedReshadJones Dolphins
socalphinfanatic Cardinals
patfla1971 Packers
dolphinsfan4lyfe Eagles
Finzphan68 Chiefs
qu3nch Bengals
Zero The Hero Chargers
Hollywood Dolfan Colts
EverybodyLovesDolphins Saints
Dolfan00 Panthers
bartleby182 Patriots
Alex Parish 49ers
thedebonair1 Broncos
Marino_#13 Seahawks

We also have our seven alternates ordered like this:


Now, on to the next step - contact. I need each of you to please email me by Tuesday night. That includes the alternates. We will be doing the mock draft by email this year, trying something a little different because the Google Documents version from last year did not work so well. Please just send me an email, if you are listed above and still interested in doing this year's community mock draft, and include in the email your Phinsider name (it doesn't do me any good to get 15 emails from "Joe" - and not know which one is which).

On Wednesday, we will start the draft. I will email each of you when you are on the clock. Included in that email will be the picks that have already been made. All you have to do is reply to the email with your selection, and a short explanation of why you made that choice.

If someone does not email me by Tuesday night, or I don't hear back from them when they are on the clock, I will send an email to the next alternate, to have them pick.

Each person will have 3 hours to respond to my email, so I can keep the draft moving. The time will span from 9am ET to 9pm ET each day, so the clock starts and stops at those times. If the person before you sends in their pick at 8pm ET on Thursday, you will have until 11am ET on Friday to submit your pick (1 hour from 8pm to 9pm and two hours from 9am to 11 am). Hopefully that makes sense.

Finally, so we are all tracking, here's the draft order for the two rounds:

Round 1
1. Houston Texans
2. St. Louis Rams (from Washington Redskins)
3. Jacksonville Jaguars
4. Cleveland Browns
5. Oakland Raiders
6. Atlanta Falcons
7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
8. Minnesota Vikings
9. Buffalo Bills
10. Detroit Lions
11. Tennessee Titans
12. New York Giants
13. St. Louis Rams
14. Chicago Bears
15. Pittsburgh Steelers
16. Dallas Cowboys
17. Baltimore Ravens
18. New York Jets
19. Miami Dolphins
20. Arizona Cardinals
21. Green Bay Packers
22. Philadelphia Eagles
23. Kansas City Chiefs
24. Cincinnati Bengals
25. San Diego Chargers
26. Cleveland Browns (from Indianapolis Colts)
27. New Orleans Saints
28. Carolina Panthers
29. New England Patriots
30. San Francisco 49ers
31. Denver Broncos
32. Seattle Seahawks

Round 2
1 (33). Houston Texans
2 (34). Washington Redskins
3 (35). Cleveland Browns
4 (36). Oakland Raiders
5 (37). Atlanta Falcons
6 (38). Tampa Bay Buccaneers
7 (39). Jacksonville Jaguars
8 (40). Minnesota Vikings
9 (41). Buffalo Bills
10 (42). Tennessee Titans
11 (43). New York Giants
12 (44). St. Louis Rams
13 (45). Detroit Lions
14 (46). Pittsburgh Steelers
15 (47). Dallas Cowboys
16 (48). Baltimore Ravens
17 (49). New York Jets
18 (50). Miami Dolphins
19 (51). Chicago Bears
20 (52). Arizona Cardinals
21 (53). Green Bay Packers
22 (54). Philadelphia Eagles
23 (55). Cincinnati Bengals
24 (56). San Francisco 49ers (from Kansas City Chiefs)
25 (57). San Diego Chargers
26 (58). New Orleans Saints
27 (59). Indianapolis Colts
28 (60). Carolina Panthers
29 (61). San Francisco 49ers
30 (62). New England Patriots
31 (63). Denver Broncos
32 (64). Seattle Seahawks

If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below. And, email me (thephinsider @ gmail dot com) if you are assigned a team or an alternate for this. Hopefully, we can make this run fairly smoothly, and we will have a good product for May 5th.