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2014 Dolphins big board poll - Positions 16-20

With the NFL Draft just over a month away, it's time to start building a Dolphins specific big board. We ask you to vote for players 16 through 20 on the board today.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

It's Miami Dolphins big board building time as we move toward the last month of pre-draft preparation.  This year, the NFL Draft begins on May 8 with the first round, then continues May 9 and rounds two and three through to May 10 with rounds four through seven.  To get our Phinsider Big Board, we will set up a series of polls for you to add your input into the process.

Previous Results:

After over 300 votes, our results for positions one through five were:

11. Ha'Sean Clinton-Dix - 514 points
12. Anthony Barr - 406 points
13. Calvin Pryor - 339 points
14. Aaron Donald - 286 points
15. Xavier Su'a-Filo points

Current Big Board:

Rank Player Position Height Weight School
1 Jadeveon Clowney DE 6'5-1/4" 266 South Carolina
2 Jake Matthews OT 6'5-1/2" 308 Texas A&M
3 Greg Robinson OT 6'5" 332 Auburn
4 C.J. Mosley LB 6'2" 234 Alabama
5 Taylor Lewan OT 6'7-1/8" 309 Michigan
6 Khalil Mack OLB 6'2-5/8" 251 Buffalo
7 Sammy Watkins WR 6'0-3/4" 211 Clemson
8 Eric Ebron TE 6'4-3/4" 250 North Carolina
9 Zack Martin OT 6'4" 308 Notre Dame
10 Mike Evans WR 6'4-3/4" 231 Texas A&M
11 Ha'Sean Clinton-Dix S 6'1-3/8" 208 Alabama
12 Anthony Barr OLB 6'4-7/8" 255 UCLA
13 Calvin Pryor S 5'11-1/8" 207 Louisville
14 Aaron Donald DT 6'0-3/4" 285 Pittsburgh
15 Xavier Su'a-Filo G 6'4-1/8" 307 UCLA


Rank the top five available players, based on talent, character, value, and team needs.  This is your chance to influence our rankings, so how much weight you put into each of those criteria is purely your choice.  You can simply rank them based on best player available, or you can choose to drop a position because the Dolphins do not really have a need there.

It's completely up to you.

Players will receive five points for a vote placing them in the top available position, four for the second spot, etc.  The players with the top five point totals will then be taken out of the poll and five more players will be inserted when we move to the next five rankings.  Using that, we will then build a complete big board.

Please vote just once.

Things to remember:

This is not a mock draft.  You don't have to consider what teams will do ahead of the Dolphins.  Just rank the players.  We all know there is very little chance that Jadeveon Clowney will be on the board past the first few picks.  That does not mean he should not be on the big board.  Vote as you see fit - again, this is a big board, not a mock draft.

Easiest way to do this.  Assume the Dolphins have the first overall pick - who would you take?  Now, assume they have the second overall pick, and your first choice is already off the board.  Who would you take?  Oh, now on to the third choice, and do the same thing.

We will use the rankings from SB Nation's Mocking the Draft to keep the 25 players updated in the poll.  And, a huge tip of the hat to the guys over at Dawgs by Nature for setting up the poll format for us.

I will try to keep a new poll showing up every day, so make sure you get your votes in early.