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NFL Mock Draft from's Bucky Brooks: Dolphins not looking OL's Buck Brooks posted a new 2014 NFL Mock Draft yesterday, with the Miami Dolphins not looking at the offensive line with their first round pick. Breaking away from the consensus, Brooks is looking to another need for the Dolphins.


A couple of weeks ago, we discussed the idea that 2014 NFL Mock Drafts could soon start to swing away from offensive tackle for the Miami Dolphins in the first round, with defensive tackle jumping up to the top need. A lot of that depends on free agency, and if Miami can address the offensive line with veteran players. Whatever happens in free agency,'s Bucky Brooks is already starting to look at a defensive tackle prospect for the South Florida franchise.

With Jake Matthews, Greg Robinson, Taylor Lewan, and Zack Martin all off the board prior to Miami's 19th overall selection, perhaps the decision to eschew the commonly accepted first pick for Miami was a little easier, but whatever the background of why Miami does not go offensive tackle in the first round, Brooks sees the Dolphins selecting Notre Dame's nose tackle Louis Nix. In explaining the selection, Brooks writes:

The Dolphins elected not to place the franchise tag on NT Paul Soliai, leaving a huge void in the middle of the defense. Nix is a disruptive force at the point of attack.

What do you think of the idea of Miami looking to replace Soliai in the first round, rather than upgrading the offensive line?