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Keep playing fantasy football with FanDuel, get 100% deposit bonus

Click here to get a 100% deposit bonus on FanDuel

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Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL Playoffs are here, meaning your fantasy football league is complete. That does not mean you cannot continue to play fantasy football, though. Check out FanDuel, who will be hosting weekly fantasy games throughout the playoffs.

This week, if you click here, you can join an SB Nation league. There are 220 spots available in the league, and, as I write this, there are already 25 taken. Hurry up and join. This league has a $5 enter fee, with first place picking up $100, on down to 40th place getting $12.

FanDuel is a salary cap style game, where you get $60,000 to make your roster however you would like. You have to make that money fill a quarterback, two running backs, three wide receivers, a tight end, a kicker, and a team defense. For this week, Andrew Luck is the highest priced player at $9,700.

Check it out. I've enjoyed playing throughout this season, having not tried FanDuel before this year. If you are signing up for the first time, you can also pick up a 100% deposit bonus, using the link at the top of the story.

Make sure you sign up before the start of the first playoff game, which is Saturday afternoon. Click here to get into the SB Nation league.