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Phinsider Fantasy Football League - Managers announced

The Phinsider Fantasy Football League has selected the eight managers who will join jamesradio1979 and me. Did you get selected in the random draw?

Mike Ehrmann

Nearly 50 members of the Phinsider community signed up to grab one of eight available slots for the 2014 version of the Phinsider Fantasy Football league. I placed all of those names into the random list generator on, giving us the eight members who will join jamesradio1979 and me in the league this year.

Our eight managers are:


Long John 77





The big brickk


Congratulations to all eight of the selections. The next step is for each of you to send me an email, and include your Phinsider login name from the site in the email. I will then send you the invite to the league. We will once again be playing on Yahoo!, so make sure you have a Yahoo! account as well.

Currently, the draft is scheduled for Monday night, and I would like to leave it there if at all possible. If we need to move it, though, we can. When you get into the league, post a message to let me know if the draft works for you or not.

Let's have a great year!