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FanDuel Promo code: New users can get 100% deposit bonus

The private league is closed, but anyone can still click here to use FanDuel promo code SBNATION32 and get 100% deposit bonus

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Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

As we announced yesterday, our Phinsider FanDuel league returns for Week 14, and anyone can join it. What is FanDuel? Glad you asked.

FanDuel is a weekly salary cap fantasy game, where you pick any players you want, as long as you can make them fit within your budget. It really is a lot of fun...and, as a bonus, you can win cash.

Each league requires an entry fee (in our case, $5). Then, the winners of the league split a prize pool. For our league, first place wins $55, second place $40, third $35, then five dollar increments down through seventh place. Eighth, ninth, and tenth places each claim a $10 price.

If you are interested, join our private Phinsider Week 14 FanDuel league here.

The league runs through all of the Sunday games, and includes the Monday Night Football game.

If you are interested, make sure you sign up and get entered before the games start Sunday afternoon. If you are making your first deposit, use the promo code SBNATION32 to receive a 100-percent matching deposit bonus.

Could be a quick, easy way to make some money.