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Play FanDuel, get 100% deposit bonus and re-start your fantasy football season

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Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Week 17 of the NFL season is upon us, and most fantasy football leagues have wrapped up for the year, or are down to just their championship games. If you are still looking for a chance to play some meaningful fantasy football, FanDuel will give you that chance. We don't have a Phinsider league this week, but we still have a league you can join to go up against some Phinsider members, as well as other SB Nation members, and the general public. You can check it out here.

This league costs $5 to enter with the winner picking up $50,000. To play, you are a $60,000 salary cap, and with that you pick a QB, two RBs, three WRs, a TE, K and defense.

As an example, I'll share my roster for this afternoon's games:


Don't forget, if you are signing up for FanDuel for the first time, you can get a deposit bonus when you used the promo code SBNATION32. What will your lineup look like for this final round of regular season games?