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Dolphins vs Browns: Joe Philbin Friday Comments

The Miami Dolphins face the Cleveland Browns tomorrow in the NFL's opening weekend. After practice yesterday, head coach Joe Philbin met with the press.

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(Opening statement) - "I just told the team July 21st, it seems like yesterday, to me anyway. I don't know about them. We had 22 practices in training camp, five preseason games and five practices this week. I think our team is well-prepared and excited and looking forward to playing this first game of the year."

(On if the defensive front seven is the backbone of the team) - "Every position on the team is important. All 53 guys are important. I don't look at it as the skill positions are more important than the line or the line is more important than the running backs. Everybody that gets on the field, it takes 11 guys on every single play to make it work. They are all important to me."

(On if it's fair to say the team was built from the defensive front seven outward) - "We've made decisions on the roster to look to improve the football team in any way we possibly can. Again, I don't think it was designed to say we have to be better here than there. We want to get the best 53 players on the football team."

(On what skills has he seen in Dimitri Patterson since Patterson's arrival to the team that shows he can be a quality NFL starter) - "He's quick. He's competitive. He's instinctive. He can play the ball well. Those are the primary things we've seen from him."

(On if he calls Sunday's game a must-win in lieu of the upcoming schedule) - "Again, our focus is entirely on this game, September 8th at 1:02 p.m. in Cleveland. The rest of the season will take care of itself. It will be here before we know it. Certainly we are not looking beyond any game. We are just excited about playing this game on Sunday."

(On if he believes on must win games besides those regarding making the playoffs) - "I believe all games are important. Every single game on an NFL schedule is important, and this one is very, very important, obviously. "

(On reversing a 2-6 record on the road from last season) - "We tried to make things familiar. One of the reasons we had the extra game, we feel like we've been (before). We are staying at the same hotel we were at. Familiarity is an important part of being successful on the road, being comfortable playing on the road in that hostile environment. We kind of prepared our guys for that going on an extra trip in the exact hotel we are going to be in. So there is no magic on winning on the road. You've got to play good, sound, fundamental football. That's what we told our guys. We've got to play fast. We've got to play decisive. We've got plenty of offense, defense and special teams (work). As I told our team, we could play a double-header with all the stuff we got in.

(On if the expected forecast of 73 degrees and sunny for Sunday's game sounded nice) - "Sounds great, yeah."

(On if there was a reason the team practiced in the bubble today) - "We typically do that on a Friday."

(On if there were any changes to the travel routine this season) - "No, I think our team meetings are a little earlier than they were. Other than that, it's very similar."

(On if there is a frustration that the instant review process in a game doesn't happen quicker) - "It all depends. I think each situation is a little bit different. Each stadium, sometimes the timing is quick. Sometimes it's not. Sometimes it is last-second and you've got to make a split-second decision. Those things happen."

(On if anything in the gameplan changes when Cleveland picked up Julian Posey, a player who was with the Dolphins in training camp) - "Not necessarily. No, we are going to play football. I don't think that's going to decide the outcome of the game. We are going to run our stuff. We have 1,000 plays from last year on each side of the ball. We've got five preseason games. Again, it's not going to be about trickery. They are going to know some of the things we are going to do. Good teams have tendencies. They are going to know how we are going to line up on a lot of things. We certainly have some wrinkles as I'm sure they do. But we've studied them, and they've studied us. I'm not concerned about that."

(On if he thinks signing another player an upcoming opponent released is gamesmanship) - "Not really, no."

(On if he has a philosophy on scripting the first 20 or so plays of a game) - "We have some early thoughts we would like to see on both sides (such as) how they adjust to certain things in all phases of the game, really in all three phases of the game"

(On if scripting plays to start the game sets the tone for the rest of the game) - "If it works well, it does. There is two sides of that, as you know."

(On if he is expecting blitzes from Cleveland defensive coordinator Ray Horton like Horton called against the Dolphins while in Arizona last season) - "(We) certainly have to be ready for it. Ray's (Browns Defensive Coordinator Ray Horton) is a very qualified coach. They have a very multiple package. They are a well-coached defense. It looks like they are playing very sound on defense in the preseason. I'm sure they haven't showed everything, I would have to guess, but we have to be ready for it. There is no doubt about it."

(On how excited he is to see Dion Jordan play after being sidelined for some of the preseason) - "He's done some good things on the practice field. I'm excited about watching the 46 guys that we dress play football (with) no one man more important than the other."

(On what Browns offensive coordinator Norv Turner possibly did for Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden and the offense) - "Coach Turner has an outstanding history in the league of developing offenses where ever he's been, quarterbacks in particular. I'm sure (Weeden) has benefited from (Turner's) experience, his wealth of experience. Again, I can't speak to the total specifics, but my instincts would tell me that."

(On his personal emotions as his second season coaching the Dolphins begins) - "As I told our guys, I'm excited about watching us play a football game, a quote real NFL game. It's the first one of 16 we have. I'm excited as could be to get the season started off."

(On the advantages and disadvantages of having a cornerback such as Joe Haden spy on a receiver such as Mike Wallace) - "Most NFL teams do that a various points in time over the course of the season. Again, this is a matchup game. If they feel like that's their advantage to match-up one player on one of our specific players, certainly that happens It's not uncommon."

(On if the Dolphins like having a cornerback cover a specific wide receiver an entire game) - "At times we have, but we don't always."

(On why the Dolphins use that strategy of occasionally having a cornerback cover a specific wide receiver during a game) - "We just feel like we are better off not. Sometimes we will."

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