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Monday Night Football online streaming Dolphins vs Saints

The Miami Dolphins and New Orleans Saints kickoff in their Week 4 Monday Night Football match up tonight. How can you watch the game online? We tell you.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It's Monday Night Football time and a 3-0 vs 3-0 match up is taking center stage. The Miami Dolphins head to the Superdome to take on the New Orleans Saints. But, you are stuck away from your computer, or you don't have ESPN, will you still be able to watch the game? Yes, as long as you can access Watch ESPN.

Watch ESPN airs the Monday Night Football game. However, there are restrictions. Android devices cannot access the feed. It has something to do with the NFL, ESPN, Android, and the differences in the rights. So, sorry if you are trying to watch it that way.

However, you can get it on a desktop platform, on XBOX Live (with a Gold membership), on AppleTV, and on the WatchESPN app for iPads.

So, if you can't watch it on TV, there are legal ways to watch the game online as well.

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