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Dolphins vs Saints: One New Orleans player Miami fans should want

The Miami Dolphins and New Orleans Saints are set for a Monday Night Football contest later tonight. If the Dolphins could steal one player from the Saints' roster, who would you take? Why?

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Last week, we introduced an article in which I suggest one player the Miami Dolphins should want to steal off their up coming opponents' roster. Against the Atlanta Falcons, I suggested that the team would benefit from poaching tight end Tony Gonzalez. Some disagreed, saying Gonzalez' age makes the wiser choice Julio Jones. And, I can't argue against that.

This week, the Dolphins are facing another really well built team, with lots of candidates for our fantasy theft. Obviously, quarterback Drew Brees is going to be near the top of any list. But, I will rule him out because I think the Dolphins have a quarterback that will grow into something special, and will be with the team longer than the 13-year veteran, even if he does have seven Pro Bowl selections.

Another guy who could be an interesting steal would be safety Kenny Vaccaro. He was someone a lot of Dolphins fans considered a draft target last April, and being able to grab him now would be a great move. He's got all kinds of potential, and he would be worth considering.

But, I think there is, again, one position that makes the most sense to upgrade. As well as Charles Clay has been playing, grabbing Jimmy Graham to take over the top tight end slot would make the Dolphins just that much more dynamic. At 6'7", 265 pounds, the University of Miami product is a mismatch no matter who is trying to guard him.

Graham was drafted in the third round of the 2010 draft, and the Dolphins originally considered selecting him. But, the team selected offensive lineman John Jerry with their third round pick. Since the draft, former football czar Bill Parcells has said he made a mistake, believing the Dolphins would be able to pick Graham in the fourth round, only to see Graham head to New Orleans 24 picks before the Dolphins were back on the clock.

Today, we fix that mistake by stealing Graham off the Saints' roster.

Do you agree Graham is the player to steal? Would you take Brees instead? Let us know in the comments below.

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