Ask Dawgs By Nature

Hi Dolphins fans! The NFL season is almost upon us, and that is surely music to all of our ears. Sunday can't get here fast enough. To help pass some time, let's talk about the game and any questions you may have about our beloved Cleveland Browns. I think we can argue (in a civil manner, of course) about who has the edge here and there, but one thing is for sure, you surely can't be worse than us when it comes to season openers. Since our return in 1999, we are 1-13 in season openers!

Most Browns fans that you talk to are likely to be brimming with the optimism that normally accompanies that of a new season, not to mention an entirely new regime. I am legitimately excited about what first time head coach Rob Chudzinski will bring to the table with the help of experienced coordinators Norv Turner and Ray Horton.

Like the Dolphins, our success will hinge almost entirely on the unknown: our 2nd year QB. The question is if Brandon Weeden has what it takes. He certainly has all of the tools to succeed. Most, if not all Browns fans are excited to see what Brandon Weeden can do in Norv's vertical offensive system. This offense is far more suited to Weeden's strengths than Pat Shurmur's west coast offense. The Browns have one of the best pass blocking offensive lines in football, anchored by LT Joe Thomas, RT Mitchell Schwartz, and C Alex Mack. There is speed at the WR position and a very talented RB in Trent Richardson. In other words, if Brandon Weeden doesn't succeed this year, we can close the book on him.

Other things of note:

Josh Gordon is suspended the first 2 games of the season. Our WR depth is sketchy as it is, so that will certainly be good for you all.

I am loving me some Davone Bess.

Our secondary depth is awful. We have Joe Haden who is a lockdown corner, and the rest of our DBs are more suited to play in the nickel package. Thankfully, we have a strong DL and some guys who can rush the passer in the LB core as well. Right now, it seems that our best option is to make the opposing QB get rid of the ball quickly by bringing lots of pressure.

Anyways, please ask away. I'll be happy to answer any questions you may have, and hopefully some other DBN members will stop by.

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