Ask Da Chronic...

First let me say, that you guys have been fun and enjoyable, not to mention respectful over at Canal Street Chronicles.

Much to my regret, I didn't have the big bucks to make it to Miami in 2010, for the Super Bowl. That would have been awesome. In fact I've never been to Miami at all. Made many a trip to Pensacola. In my youth, we would take off at the drop of the hat, and party hardy, and back then you could just crash at the beach.

So here's your opportunity to ask us Saints homers, some questions...

I'll start off with a few points...

Don't judge our defense by last year. that is a mistake, many have learned the hard way, so far this season.

We have had a lot of injuries, on the D this year, as well as some on the O.

Will Smith went to IR, Vilma is IR with a designation to return, Butler, is on PUP.

Our Thursday Injury Report...

The seven who didn't practice:

DE Tyrunn Walker (knee)
DT Brodrick Bunkley (calf)
RB Mark Ingram (toe)

DE Tom Johnson (hamstring)
S Roman Harper (knee)
WR Lance Moore (hand)
G Tim Lelito (calf)

The four who were limited:
CB Jabari Greer (back)

S Isa Abdul Quddus (ankle)
CB Chris Carr (knee)
G Jahri Evans (hamstring)

The seven who fully practiced:

OLB Martez Wilson (elbow)
LB Curtis Lofton (knee)
WR Marques Colston (foot)
OLB Junior Galette (hamstring)
T Zach Strief (neck)
DT Akiem Hicks (knee)
LDE Glenn Foster (ankle)

We've been forced to go with a youth movement, due to the Injuries on the D, and I suspect that has a lot to do with our turnaround. The young guys and former backups, are making the most of their opportunities.

On the O we lost Joe Morgan, last years burner WRer, to IR, but we have picked up Kenny Stills, who we are expecting big things out of, once he a Drew develop their timing a little better. Lance Moore has been having a disappointing season this year, and of course with Sean Payton, you will never know the severity of his hand injury, until they amputate.

Colston has been his usually dependable self, even suffering from the dreaded Plantar Fasciitis.

On the O-line we have Charles Brown, replacing Bushrod, and he has struggled, at times. Drew has already been sacked 10 times this year, almost half of what we usually allow in a season.

Javari Evans, has been dealing with a back injury, and now a hamstring, as well. He has had several penalties, which cost us in the RZ, because he isn't 100%. In fact we had an UDFA, Rookie playing in his stead, last week.

Our running game has yet to get on track, and while many are calling for Mark Ingram's head, it is obvious, the Line has a lot to do, with the lack of production.

Jimmy Graham is of course, a Beast, and by far, The Dolphins biggest concern.

Kenny Vaccaro, our first round safety pick, has been ballin, and isn't showing that he is a rookie, at all.

Well that should give y'all a good outline, so ask any questions that come to mind. Good Luck with the rest of your season, after Monday, of course. While I like the Pats myself, it would be nice not to hear Brady get so much felletation.

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