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NFL Power Rankings Week 4: Top teams stay the same, 3-0 teams climbing

The third week of the 2013 NFL season has come and gone, so it's time to update our Power Rankings. Of course, you will find things with which you don't agree, so feel free to discuss in the comments. Don't have a free SB Nation account? Sign up here.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The third week of the NFL season is in the books, and we update the Phinsider Week 4 Power Rankings after all of the action. We're starting to see the rankings settle down a little, yet there are still plenty of big jumps or falls as on the field results start to take over for reputation. Teams that we think should be good, but are losing, are finding themselves near the bottom of the rankings now, while team expected to be bad, but are actually winning, are climbing toward the top.

How will that come out in the rankings? Let's take a look, and feel free to tell me where I am wrong in the comments below:

Team LW Change Week 2 Result Remarks
1 Den_tiny_medium
1 --- W, 37-21 vs Raiders Peyton Manning can do whatever he wants with the ball right now. And, he claims, they aren't fully in synch yet.
2 Sea_tiny_medium
2 --- W, 45-17 vs Jaguars This team is very impressive - but you can't challenge Peyton for the top spot by beating the Jaguars.
3 Chi_tiny_medium
7 +4 W, 40-23 @ Steelers Jay Cutler has full control of this offense and the defense is buying into Mel Tucker's system.
4 Saints_tiny_medium
8 +4 W, 31-7 vs Cardinals What a difference a head coach makes.
5 Cin_tiny_medium
9 +4 W, 34-30 vs Packers The only team to break up the 3-0 group, the Bengals are still in here because their one loss comes to the Bears in Week 1. The Ravens look to be the only team capable of keeping the Bengals out of the playoffs this year.
6 Mia_tiny_medium
12 +6 W, 27-23 vs Falcons I don't want to put the Dolpins this high, because it just doesn't seem right, yet. But, a 3-0 record, and a win over the Falcons, bumps them up here.
7 Kc_tiny_medium
16 +9 W, 26-16 @ Eagles The fastest climbing team ever in the Phinsider power rannkings, the 3-0 Chiefs back up their 10 position jump with a 9 position climb.
8 Ne_tiny_medium
11 +3 W, 23-3 vs Buccaneers This might be too low for the Patriots, but right now, I can't buy into wins over the Bills, Jets, and Bucs. As their schedule gets tougher, we'll see if the offense gets back on track.
9 Ind_tiny_medium
14 +5 W, 27-7 @ 49ers That was an impressive beatdown of the 49ers in San Francisco.
10 Bal_tiny_medium
10 --- W, 30-9 vs Texans In Week 1, the Ravens were torched by Peyton Manning for 7 touchdowns. They haven't allowed another TD since.
11 Gb_tiny_medium
3 -8 L, 34-30 @ Bengals Despite a 1-2 start, Aaron Rodgers keeps the Packers near the top. But, they have to start winning.
12 Atl_tiny_medium
4 -8 L, 27-23 @ Dolphins Atlanta is very talented, but a 1-2 record holds them back right now. When they get healthy, they will climb back up the rankings.
13 Hou_tiny_medium
6 -7 L, 30-9 @ Ravens Three first half field goals, and nothing more, are not impressive.
14 Sf_tiny_medium
5 -9 L, 27-7 vs Colts The 49ers were beaten at their own game by the Colts. This might be low for the defending NFC Champs, but the offense doesn't look right, and they are 1-2 on the season.
15 Dal_tiny_medium
17 +2 W, 31-7 vs Rams Hey, it's an up-and-down roller coaster of a Dallas Cowboys team. Shouldn't we expect that by now?
16 Det_tiny_medium
20 +4 W, 27-20 @ Redskins What 21 game losing streak at the Washington Redskins?
17 Ten_tiny_medium
26 +9 W, 20-17 vs Chargers A nine position jump for beating the Chargers seems like a lot, but the Titans beat San Diego for the first time since 1992. That gives them a nice bump for at least a week.
25 +7 W, 31-27 @ Vikings The Browns traded away their top offensive weapon? Did anyone tell the Browns?
19 Phi_tiny_medium
18 -1 L, 26-16 vs Chiefs Andy Reid won in Philadelphia. Unfortunately for the Eagles, he's now the coach of the Chiefs.
20 Car_tiny_medium
29 +9 W, 38-0 vs Giants Are the Panther 38-0 good, or are the Giants just that bad?
21 Sd_tiny_medium
15 -6 L, 20-17 @ Titans A six position drop was probably severe, but, at this point, I don't know where to put the Chargers
22 Nyj_tiny_medium
30 +8 W, 27-20 vs Bills Rex Ryan has the defense working with the Jets. Will they be able to keep it up all year?
23 Stl_tiny_medium
22 -1 L, 31-7 @ Cowboys Jake Long was benched during the game. Yep. Benched.
24 Nyg_tiny_medium
13 -11 L, 38-0 @ Panthers Okay, I was absolutely wrong last week. The Giants did not deserve to stay in the top half because they have to be better than an 0-2 record. They aren't even the better team in MetLife Stadium at this point.
25 Buf_tiny_medium
24 -1 L, 27-20 @ Jets E.J. Manuel couldn't pull off magic this week as the Bills lost an ugly game to the Jets.
26 Pit_tiny_medium
21 -5 L, 40-23 vs Bears The Steelers are a bad football team right now. Pretty simple.
27 Ari_tiny_medium
27 --- L, 31-7 @ Saints The defense better turn it around, because, even with Carson Palmer, this offense isn't going anywhere.
28 Oak_tiny_medium
28 --- L, 37-21 @ Broncos The good news for the Raiders is, they don't look like the worst team in the league.
29 Min_tiny_medium
23 -6 L, 31-27 vs Browns Everyone expected the Browns to tank the rest of the season. Maybe Minnesota just wants Teddy Bridgewater a little more.
30 Was_tiny_medium
19 -11 L, 27-20 vs Lions No defense whatsoever, and an RGIII who is not RGIII. This team has big problems.
31 Tb_tiny_medium
31 --- L, 23-3 @ Patriots The Buccaneers could be on the verge of completely imploding around Greg Schiano.
32 Jax_tiny_medium
32 --- L, 45-17 @ Seahawks When your big announcement is a return to Blaine Gabbert as your starter after Chad Henne checked down his way out of the starting job, your team is in BIG trouble.

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