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Falcons vs Dolphins: One Atlanta player Miami fans should want

The Miami Dolphins face the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday, the first game of the year in Miami. If the Dolphins could steal one player from the Falcons' roster, who would it be? Why?

Stacy Revere

I'm going to try adding a new article to the pre-game build up each week.  Essentially, I will select one player from the Miami Dolphins' next opponents as the player I would most want to steal and add to the Dolphins' roster.  So, we will start that today with the Atlanta Falcons, who Miami will host this Sunday at 4:05pm ET.

The Falcons have a lot of candidates for this idea.  Obviously, receivers Roddy White and Julio Jones immediately become candidates.  If the Dolphins did not have Ryan Tannehill, I think Matt Ryan is definitely a possibility.  On defense, I wouldn't mind stealing a cornerback (oh, wait, the Dolphins did that this year); Desmond Trufant definitely is a possible target.

But, there's really only one right answer at this point when it comes to stealing someone from the Falcons.  The Dolphins signed Dustin Keller to give them a dynamic, pass catching threat from the tight end position, only to see him tear three ligaments in his knee.  While Charles Clay is filling in well for Keller, stealing a player like Tony Gonzalez is too good an opportunity to miss.

Yes, Gonzalez is getting older.  He planned to retire this year, and was then talked into coming back for Atlanta.  Even if this is the last year for the future Hall of Fame tight end, he would be worth stealing to give Tannehill the target Keller was going to be.

That would also give Miami a mentor for Clay, Michael Egnew, and Dion Sims.  The team could look to the draft next year to find a young tight end.  There are so many options available if the Dolphins had Gonzalez.

How about you?  Who would you steal?  Let us know in the comments below.

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