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Dolphins Twitter account list updated

The Miami Dolphins have updated their roster, cutting it down to 53 players and signing their 8 man practice squad. As such, we have also updated out Phinsider Twitter list.


With the 2013 NFL season starting this week, and the Miami Dolphins having trimmed their roster to the required 53 players, plus the eight man practice squad, it was time to update our Phinsider Twitter account's Dolphins list. Previously, this list was known as the Miami Dolphins Training Camp 2013, and featured all of the players and media coverage from throughout training camp.

Well, it too has been trimmed down/ It now features the Twitter accounts for all the players (with Twitter) on the 53 man roster, the eight man practice squad, some coaches/executives, and the beat writers for the Dolphins. You can follow the list, or you can use it as a way to find your favorite Dolphins' Twitter accounts.

Here's the list:

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