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Dolphins roster changes little following waiver claims

The Miami Dolphins made one roster move yesterday that impacted the 53-man roster. We update our roster to reflect that change.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Dolphins' post-roster cuts 53-man roster last all of one day.  Yesterday, the team claimed off waivers former Houston Texans fullback Tyler Clutts, while releasing h-back Evan Rodriguez.  The team seems to be shifting their offensive scheme slightly, following the season ending injury to tight end Dustin Keller.

The Dolphins opened training camp and the preseason looking for versatile tight ends who could serve as a lead blocker, keeping the team from having to make substitutions when going to a two back set.  Ultimately, that led to the release of Jorvorskie Lane, who started off last preseason as an explosive lead blocker and ball carrier, but could not sustain that level.

The team claimed Rodriguez off waivers from the Chicago Bears, releasing Lane shortly thereafter.  But, as the preseason continued, it became clear that the Dolphins did not have a lead blocker without Keller.  Charles Clay, who played primarily as a fullback in his rookie year but has been an "h-back" tight end more than a fullback last year and this preseason, is adequate, but not someone who will clear a path for running backs Lamar Miller and Daniel Thomas.

The team needs someone to either get the one yard on 3rd-and-1, or clear the way for Miller/Thomas to get it.  That's what the team was missing.

Enter the claim for Clutts.  Clutts will be able to come in and serve as a lead blocker for the Dolphins.  He won't be a great one, as Brett Kollman of Battle Red Blog told us earlier, describing Clutts as "serviceable if you need a run blocker in a pinch."

The most you will likely see of Clutts is on special teams, where he will be able to serve as a lead blocker on kick returns, the role Lane held previously.  But, if the team needs a lead blocker in the running game, he will be able to provide that as well.

With the Clutts claim, here is a look at the Dolphins' 53 man roster as it stands right now.  At least until the next acorn turnover.


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