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Dolphins claim Tyler Clutts: An insider look at the new fullback

The Miami Dolphins were awarded fullback Tyler Clutts off of waivers from the Houston Texans yesterday. To get a better look at Clutts, I spoke with Brett Kollmann from Battle Red Blog.

Chris Humphreys-US PRESSWIRE

During all of the madness of rumors, speculation, and reports yesterday, one addition for the Miami Dolphins came through. The team had been awarded Tyler Clutts, the former Houston Texans fullback, from waivers. But, what exactly are the Dolphins getting in their new addition? I asked Brett Kollmann from SB Nation's Battle Red Blog exactly that.

Not much to say really. He's your prototypical fullback that is good for running over linebackers and opening lanes for Lamar Miller. He does not really have any receiving ability like a James Casey nor does he explode through defenders like Vonta Leach, but he is serviceable if you need a run blocker in a pinch. Just don't expect a pro bowler.

That seems about what we thought Clutts would bring to Miami. The Dolphins, following the loss of Dustin Keller earlier this preseason, are likely tweaking the offense a little, and looking for someone who can be that lead blocker more than Evan Rodriguez or Charles Clay would have been.

Rodriguez was released to make roster space for Clutts.

The interesting question becomes, does Clutts provide more than Jorvorskie Lane would have?

Thanks very much to Kollman, who also came by the site during our five questions post for the Texans game in the preseason as well as joined the podcast this summer, for giving us a look at Clutts.

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