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Dolphins practice squad announced

The Miami Dolphins have announced their 2013 practice squad.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Dolphins have announced their 2013 practice squad.  Consisting of players with less than a year (nine games) of time on the 46 man active, game day roster, these players are typically developmental players, who primarily study the upcoming opponent each week, working as specific players or in the system the Dolphins will see in the next game.

The Dolphins' practice squad is:

  • Sam Brenner, center
  • Jordan Kovacs, safety
  • Al Lapuaho, defensive tackle
  • Marvin McNutt, wide receiver
  • Kyle Miller, tight end
  • De'Andre Presley, cornerback
  • Brian Tyms, wide receiver
  • Jason Weaver, tackle

Players on the practice squad are eligible to be signed by any team.  If a player is signed from another team's practice squad, he will be paid for three games, as well as be counted against the team's 53-man roster over the span of those three games (with the bye week counting as a game), even if the team should release/waive/trade that player. A team could place the player on their practice squad, but he will still count against the 53 man roster limit through the three game span.  He will not count against the 8-man practice squad limit during that time.

The only limit on signing with another team comes during the week in which two teams face each other.  Teams may only sign a player from their next opponent before 4pm ET on the sixth day preceding that game.  In the case of a bye week before facing a team, the signing must happen before 4pm ET on the tenth day preceding the game.

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