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Thursday Night Football Live Thread Eagles vs Chiefs Edition

Tonight's big game story line is Andy Reid's return to Philly to face his old team the Eagles. Please join us here for the live game thread to discuss the game and of course anything else Dolphins related that you might have on your mind.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight's big story line and most of the hype will be lent to the fact that following fourteen very successful years at the helm of the Eagles Andy Reid returns to Philly to take on his former team as the now head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs. Thus far Reid seems to have the Chiefs playing very well having gone 2 and 0 in their first two contest while only giving up a total of 18 points in the two games combined. Reid hopes to take his early success and build it to a 3-0 record.

On the other side of the ball will be a team led by Chip Kelly. Kelly is most known for his ultra fast, high scoring offense at Oregon that he has now transferred over to the NFL. Thus far the offense has been successful, totaling 954 yards in only two games. The defense on the other hand has given up 722 yards leading to a 1-1 record. Kelly has vowed to keep the pedal to the metal and will continue to run the offense as fast as possible. One can only wonder if this will affect the defense in a negative way over time. This is the NFL with only a 53 man roster and not college with a seeming unlimited number of backups that can be rotated.