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Miami Dolphins coach Joe Philbin press conference transcript - 9/18/13

Miami Dolphins head coach Joe Philbin met with the media yesterday. Here's a transcript of his remarks:

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(Opening statement) - "I thought we had another good practice today. Today is a big work day. Obviously it was a padded practice. The vast majority of the Atlanta game plan is in. Obviously our guys will have tomorrow off, and then we'll reassemble on Friday and put the final touches on the plan."

(On how film study alters with Atlanta putting three players on injured reserved this week) - "Every team has 53 players. This is a well-coached football team. I'm sure they are going to have 46 guys who are well-prepared to play in the ball game against us on Sunday, as will we."

(On how the team has been so efficient in the red zone) - "A lot of credit goes to Mike (Sherman) and his staff, who have done a good job in their game-planning aspect. The players have executed well. We haven't had a lot of negative plays down there. It's a function of execution primarily."

(On how much diversity in terms of who has been scoring in the redzone has helped) - "Like we've said, it's always beneficial to have a variety of different options down there be it in the run game or pass game. So far we've been effective."

(On if the perception of the team trying to score minimal points and depend on the defense to win has changed with the way the offense has played to start the season) - "Not necessarily. Again the object of the game is to score more points than the opponent. I'm not really concerned about perceptions or anything. We are just really focused on this one game. Obviously, when we game plan on offense we're attempting to score every time we get our hands on the football."

(On if he has a target amount of points he would like the team to score each game) - "Not necessarily."

(On the play of the defensive line and to have good depth at that position) -"It's a good group. It's a good unit. These guys, we've got a good blend of veterans and some younger guys who are contributing. I think Kacy Rodgers does an excellent job coaching this group, and they've been productive. We still have a lot of things to work on, a lot of things to improve, but I'm please so far."

(On what is something that has surprised him about Mike Wallace) - "I like the way he's starting to practice. I told him today in the bubble that I think he's practicing better than he has and we have a strong feeling that there's correlation between how you practice and how you perform in a game. I think there's still room for improvement, as there is with any football player, I like the way he's practicing and he's a good guy in the locker room, so it's been good. "

(On if he's made progress from the time he's got here in that area) -"Definitely."

(On if he's received any encouragement from the fans outside of the facility) -"I haven't been out a whole lot to be quite honest with you, but the people here have been tremendously supportive of our program since they day I got here. I'm not surprised."

(On if he's sensing from the players that being a home opener, they are excited) - "Yes, I think the guys are excited about like you just said, playing at home, and to be a great football team in the National Football League you have to have an identity at your home stadium. It's important for us, there's been a great tradition of success that the Miami Dolphins have had, that we've had as an organization, playing home games here especially in September, and we want to keep that up, no doubt about it."

(On what he likes about what Olivier Vernon has done so far) - "He's been very sound at the point of attack and the run game I think he's held his gap well, he hasn't been displaced an awful lot. I think he's gotten some good pressure on the quarterback, the numbers haven't maybe been there quite yet, but I'm confident they will."

(On what kind of dimension does Jacquizz Rodgers bring to the Falcons) - "I think the perimeter play potentially could be a little bit more in play, but he has good skill in a variety of different schemes. Obviously, that's one thing that, they're other back that's not going to play, was a little bigger and more physical and probably a little better suited to the inside game and this guy is not as big of a football player. I think you have to be alert maybe for a little more perimeter attack."

(On considering how (Jacquizz) Rodgers is utilized in the passing game more, does he think they'll be a little more pass heavy) - "They've been pretty pass heavy so far in the first two games. I want to say they've had 81 attempts for Matt Ryan and maybe 30 called runs, something like that, so the numbers tell you that they've been pretty pass oriented already."

(On if he feels the defense is best getting pressure with four and dropping into coverage) - "I think, from coaching offense in the league for a long time, I think the more you can do from a balance standpoint where from a particular front you're not always, if you can keep your computer where its 60/40 or 55/45 be that, so on 3rd down, you don't want to pressure every single 3rd down. You don't want to blitz out of a certain front all the time, so I think the more you can have that balance the more the guys on the other side, in the other staff room are, oh they might blitz they might not, they might rush for, they might rush 3. I think that helps you."

(On that you might get to the quarterback or you might give up a big play) -"Risk or reward, there's no question about it. As I've said, there's no surprise that we stand guys in "A" gap, we've been doing that for 18 games, and we're going to keep doing it. There's some great things about it and there are some things that are a little risky, there's no question."

(On how the defensive snaps will work out, if Paul Soliai is not available) -"We have to talk about that. Again we usually go through the week, what we do is myself and the three coordinators meet on Friday after practice and we talk about play time. We talk about how we're going to approach the end of the half, the end of the game, time outs and 4th down. All those things that happen in the game we've already kind of discussed for the vast majority of those things. We'll certainly have to discuss that this week, no question."

(On what the strategy has been with Derrick Shelby's playing time) - "It's more of a rotation thing. The good news is he's intelligent and smart and he can kind of flip flop, it's not a big adjustment for him."

(On if Derrick Shelby's emergence has surprised him) - "Well he had a good preseason if I'm not mistaken. No, he practices hard, and he's been a good football player."

(On if he's had to do any work to bring guys down a little bit, after a 2 and 0 start) - "No, not necessarily, not really, we've been very honest with the players about their performance. The one thing we told them on Monday is, I showed them a clip of a power point I had after last year's Indianapolis game. I made 4 or 5 points after last year's game. Even though we lost that game and won this one, a lot of those points still applied. Most of it said, we have to trust the film and can't be worried about everything else that's happening. We have to trust the film and understand that we have issues and problems to fix, whether we won the game or lost the game last year it's a process. We're just in week 2 of a process of hopefully improving and developing these individuals and this team."

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