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Strikes & Gutters: Week 3 Fantasy Advice

You're Welcome America.

Jeff Gross

The fantasy football landscape is beginning to come into focus at the conclusion of week 2. Predicting results in the NFL is never an exact science, but I think we delivered some pretty sage advice in last week’s column. Fantasy Football is a cruel, cruel mistress though. Despite the success of my predictions in both the pick’em and fantasy advice columns, my actual fantasy teams took big L’s for week 2.

Let’s revel in the accuracy of my calls though, shall we? I went 4 out of 5 on strikes and really nailed that James Jones pick on the head. I also successfully called Mike Wallace’s bounce back and DeSean Jackson’s monster performance against the Chargers hapless secondary. I missed badly on MJD and am ready to declare him bust for the season. Stash him away for now, the talent is there, but even he can’t overcome how ghastly that Jacksonville team is. Also, cut me some slack since he left his game against Oakland injured, and injuries are impossible to predict.

The calls on the gutters were not quite as spectacular but 3 out of 5 is not bad and if you sat Rowdy Roddy White, Anquan Boldin and Ray Rice, you are welcome. Bradshaw and Miller were both unremarkable from a fantasy standpoint, but had solid performances and each found the end zone. Very encouraged to see Miller do well, both as a Dolphin’s fan and if I own him in fantasy. On to the strikes!


David Wilson: He has been awful the first two weeks. I’m going to say week one was just an aberration, and week two’s poor output was due to the fact that his team was behind most of the game. I think the Panthers game is close, and the Giants are going to want to establish the running game. Wilson gives them the best opportunity to make that happen. The talent is there. Hang with him for one more week. The Giants ran all over the Panthers last year.

Pierre Garcon: Despite the Redskins terrible start, Garcon is having a great fantasy year so far. Most of the production has come in garbage time, but the points and the talent are there. He’s a must start in PPR formats, and I expect a shoot-out with Detroit this week.

49ers Offense: I expect them to be royally pissed off this weekend. I don’t envy the Colts. Look for Frank Gore to have a big game, and their physical pass catchers will produce as well. Safely start your 49ers this week.

Dwayne Bowe: This is a guy I was expecting big things from this season. He caught a TD last week but other than that, he’s been relatively quiet thus far. Expect that to change. I think the Chiefs play well in Andy Reid’s homecoming, and I see Bowe being a focal point in the offense. Which reminds me; do you guys know what Dwayne’s Bowe favorite movie is? The Wizard of Oz! /cues up "Somewhere, Over the Rainbow". No, no, don’t get up. I can let myself out.

Courtesy Dolphin Start of the Week, Lamar Miller: Looked very spry last week. I expect the Dolphins to try and keep the Falcons offense off the field and Miller appears to be a viable NFL RB going up against a very over-rated defensive team. Start him comfortably this week.


Darren McFadden: I’d say all Raiders, but he’s the only one you may actually consider starting. If you have better options, I’d bench him. This game is going to be a massacre, look for the Broncos to pour it on. Manning LOVES to embarrass teams on MNF. I’d be surprised if D-Fad breaks 50 yards on the evening. I’d be less surprised if he breaks something else given his lengthy history of getting injured when the Raiders need him most.

Maurice Jones-Drew: The Jaguars may be the worst team in the history of the NFL. All 27 of their fans are lobbying for them to sign Tim Tebow to play QB. Tim Tebow is a man who is a less accurate passer than most NFL Punters and has all the arm strength of Chad Pennington. MJD is actually a great player, but if you think Oakland going to Denver is going to be a lopsided game, Jacksonville has about as much chance to win in Seattle as the Washington Generals do against the Globetrotters in Harlem.

Eddie Royal: Eddie Royal is on pace for 40 TD receptions this year. I suspect that pace will begin to reduce this week.

Stevan Ridley: The Bucs Defense looks legit. The Patriots are struggling mightily on offense. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Patriots wake up and roll and Bucs in Foxborough this weekend, but Ridley has shown nothing this season to prove he’s worthy of starting. If you have a better option (DeAngelo Williams or Ryan Mathews perhaps) go with them.

Courtesy Dolphin Sit for the Week, the Defense: I hate to do it, but I really like all of our offensive matchups this week. I won't be surprised if the Defense steps up and gets a TON of pressure on Matt Ryan. In fact, I expect that to happen. And I wouldn’t blame you for sticking with the Miami Defense this week, I just feel like they are the riskiest play of the Dolphins fantasy options this week.

There you have it Ladies and Gents, the gutters are beginning to get more obvious as the weeks roll on. It’ll be interesting to see how some of these players off to hot starts go moving forward. I think the Packers and Broncos are loaded on offense and will put up big numbers all season, so having pieces of their offenses will get you good chunks of points every week. I do think some players off to slow starts will wake up eventually, so remain patient. As always, please leave any specific questions in the comments and check back regularly. I’ll be answering them later today, and throughout the week. Good luck!

"Sometimes you eat the bear, and sometimes, well, he eats you."