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NFL Power Rankings Week 3: Denver moves to the top, Dolphins nearing top ten

The second week of the 2013 NFL season has come and gone, so it's time to update our Power Rankings. Of course, you will find things with which you don't agree, so feel free to discuss in the comments. Don't have a free SB Nation account? Sign up here.

Hey, Peyton, the Broncos are now on top of the Phinsider Power Rankings.  Glad you like it.
Hey, Peyton, the Broncos are now on top of the Phinsider Power Rankings. Glad you like it.
Maddie Meyer

Following last night's Monday Night Football, it's now time to update our Phinsider Power Rankings. We're still early in the season, so we are seeing some big swings as teams jump up or down the board. I think for the first time ever, I have a team jumping up double digits this week. That's just insane.

As always, feel free to discuss my rankings, and tell us what you would change in the comments below.

Team LW Change Week 2 Result Remarks
1 Den_tiny_medium
2 +1 W, 41-23 at Giants Peyton beats Eli. I think it's actually written in the NFL rulebook.
2 Sea_tiny_medium
3 +1 W, 29-3 vs 49ers That was an impressive way to beat last week's top team. The 49ers will rebound, but the Seahawks clearly know how to beat them.
3 Gb_tiny_medium
4 +1 W, 38-20 vs Redskins Hey, Aaron Rodgers is pretty good.
4 Atl_tiny_medium
5 +1 W, 31-24 vs Rams The top of the NFC is ridiculous, and the Falcons are right there in that group.
5 Sf_tiny_medium
1 -4 L, 29-3 at Seahawks Losing to Seattle in Seattle isn't a surprise. Only putting up three points is.
6 Hou_tiny_medium
11 +5 W, 30-24 vs Titans Andre Johnson is concussed? DeAndre Hopkins looks ready to pick up the slack.
7 Chi_tiny_medium
12 +5 W, 31-30 vs Vikings Did you know the Bears had receivers not named Brandon Marshall? Jay Cutler didn't either. I guess he does now.
8 Saints_tiny_medium
8 --- W, 16-14 at Buccaneers Can't really make a 2-0 team lose spots, but they should have done better against the Buccaneers.
9 Cin_tiny_medium
13 +4 W, 20-10 vs Steelers Good Monday Night Football performance for the team looking like they could be the run away AFC North winners.
10 Bal_tiny_medium
14 +4 W, 14-6 vs Browns This team is clearly not the same team as last year's Super Bowl champions.
11 Ne_tiny_medium
7 -4 W, 13-10 vs Jets The Patriots may be 2-0, but they are not playing like a top 10 team right now.
12 Mia_tiny_medium
15 +3 W, 24-20 at Colts A tough opening five games look more managable starting off 2-0.
13 Nyg_tiny_medium
6 -7 L, 41-23 vs Broncos The only reason the Giants stay in the top half of the league with an 0-2 record is because they have to be better than that, right?
14 Ind_tiny_medium
10 -4 L, 24-20 vs Dolphins Slight drop from losing to the Dolphins, but this team will be looking to challenge the Texans for the division this year.
15 Sd_tiny_medium
18 +3 W, 33-30 at Eagles Impressive win to go across the country, play the 1pm ET game, against Chip Kelly's jailbreak offense, and come away with the win.
16 Kc_tiny_medium
26 +10 W, 17-16 vs Cowboys Last week, they didn't move because they won 28-2 over the Jaguars. This week, they jump 10 spots after their win over Dallas.
17 Dal_tiny_medium
9 -8 L, 17-16 at Chiefs Probably dropped too much for a one point lost in Arrowhead Stadium, but, they should be able to regain those lost positions.
18 Phi_tiny_medium
17 -1 L, 33-30 vs Chargers The team either needs to figure out how to run ball control, time killing offense, or keep the gas pressed and just burn out the scoreboard. Right now, they seem stuck in the middle at times.
19 Was_tiny_medium
19 --- L, 38-20 at Packers It took two games into the season for some people to start asking if Kirk Cousins would be better under center for the Redskins.
20 Det_tiny_medium
16 -4 L, 25-21 at Cardinals Reggie Bush is injured, but it's being termed a "medium-term" injury, whatever that means.
21 Pit_tiny_medium
20 -1 L, 20-10 at Bengals The Steelers have issues. Seriously.


22 --- L, 31-24 at Falcons Started off slowly, but mounted a rally only to fall a TD short of the Falcons.
23 Min_tiny_medium
21 -2 L, 31-30 at Bears This team is better than 23, but they don't have the results to prove it.
24 Buf_tiny_medium
27 +3 W, 24-23 vs Panthers If the Bills can keep C.J. Spiller on track and EJ Manuel can not lose the game, this team could pick up a few more wins. And, congrats to DC$ who hit 55-, 20-, and 48-yard field goals.
25 Cle_tiny_medium
24 -1 L, 14-6 at Ravens I still think the Browns defense is good enough to move up in these rankings, but they have to be the team to get the W in a battle with winless Minnesota this week.
26 Ten_tiny_medium
25 -1 L, 30-24 at Texans With the Steelers looking off, that Week 1 win is not as impressive. Only losing to the Texans by six is, though.
27 Ari_tiny_medium
29 +2 W, 25-21 vs Lions Carson Palmer is an impressive first half quarterback for the Cardinals. Somehow, the team has to convince him, and the entire offense, to play both halves.
28 Oak_tiny_medium
30 +2 W, 19-9 vs Jaguars Like the Chiefs last week, the Raiders beating the Jagaurs is really not all that impressive. They do get a slight bump because two other teams look worse.
29 Car_tiny_medium
23 -6 L, 24-23 at Bills With the Cam Newton bashing getting into full swing, this may be a really long year in Charlotte.
30 Nyj_tiny_medium
28 -2 L, 13-10 at Patriots A 1-1 team should not be this low, but the Jets just looked horrible this week. Kind of explains why the Patriots fell out of the top 10.
31 Tb_tiny_medium
31 --- L, 16-14 vs Saints To trade Josh Freeman or not to trade Josh Freeman, that is the question. Whether 'tis nobler in the NFL to suffer the slings and misthrows of outrageous Freeman, or to take arms against a sea of trouble, and by playing Glennon, end them?
32 Jax_tiny_medium
32 --- L, 19-9 at Raiders I'm not going to suggest they sign a certain former Florida Gators quarterback. Nope. Won't do it (but I probably will next week).

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