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Monday Night Football Steelers vs Bengals Live Thread

The Steelers have long used the Bengals as the team that their own whipping post year in and year out. Having gone 20 and 7 since 2000, the Bengals for the first time are clearly the better of the two teams. Will they finally rise up and prove to be the dominant team in the division or will they continue to give in to history and give the Steelers a much needed boost by way of a victory?

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

Week one saw the Steelers fall following more injuries to key players, most notably Maurkice Pouncey, the Steelers pro bowl center who is now lost for the season. The Bengals flew to Chicago in week one to take on the Bears and played very well until a late game collapse sent them home with a loss. Both teams hope to rebound in week two knowing that teams going 0-2 to start the season have a near zero chance of reaching the post season.

This is a live thread so please feel free to come in and discuss the game and the past weekends happenings. Keep in mind that all the rules of the site that normally apply also apply here.