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Dolphins stock watch following Colts win

The Miami Dolphins beat the Indianapolis Colts 24-20 yesterday. Following the victory, we take a look at the players trending up or down for Miami in our weekly stock watch.

Andy Lyons

For the second straight week, the Miami Dolphins hit the road to face a 2012 first round draft pick quarterback. And, for the second straight week, the Dolphins saw their own 2012 first round draft pick quarterback come away with a win. After beating Brandon Weeden and the Cleveland Browns in Week 1, the Dolphins toppled the Indianapolis Colts, led by Andrew Luck, 24-20 during yesterday's Week 2 action.

Following the win, we will take a look at the Miami players who stock rose or fell during the game.

Stock Up: Mike Wallace - Last week, Wallace was held to one reception for 15 yards on just five targets. He left the locker room frustrated, and things looked bad around Miami's new number one wide receiver. Everywhere you turned, people were worried about what was happening with Wallace. After yesterday's nine receptions for 115 yards and a touchdown, those questions seem to have disappeared. Nine receptions is a career high for Wallace, the most he has had in the regular season and ties his playoff high when he caught nine passes in the Super Bowl.

Stock Down: Tyson Clabo - Robert Mathis is a hard player for anyone to block, but it wasn't Mathis that Miami's free agent signing and starting right tackle struggled with the most on Sunday. Jerrell Freeman seemed to be eating up Clabo, especially early in the game, with some fans declaring Clabo the next Marc Columbo for the Dolphins. While he wasn't really that bad, and seemed to get better later in the game, the fact that he has now had two bad games in a row has to be worrisome for the Dolphins.

Stock Up: Charles Clay - The H-back was great on Sunday, catching five passes for 109 yards, as well as running the ball for the first time in his career, going one yard for a touchdown. While Clay will not completely make up for the season ending injury to Dustin Keller, he definitely showed he should be a part of the offense, and he looked good out there doing it.

Stock Down: Dion Jordan - Jordan makes this list simply from one play. He had two tackles on the day, and was busy in coverage as well as pass rush, but on his one clean shot at Andrew Luck, he looked like a rookie. He hit Luck, and he hit him pretty hard, but he didn't wrap up the second year quarterback and Luck simply stumbled, then took off running. Meanwhile, Jordan stood in the backfield, expecting Luck to have fallen. Once he realized the quarterback was running, he tried to chase him down, but by then it was too late and Luck made a nice gain out of what should have been a sack. Jordan has to take that moment and learn that, in the NFL, players don't just fall down, and he has to complete the tackle.

Stock Up: Lamar Miller - Every question that surrounded Wallace over the past week was echoed in the questions about Miller. People were already looking to sign a free agent running back or asking about trying to draft a running back early next year. Miller came back from his, and the team's, miserable rushing performance against the Cleveland Browns by running for 69 yards on 14 carries, with a 10-yard touchdown included. He averaged 4.9 yards per carry. While it would be nice to see Miller top the 100-yard mark, the Dolphins' passing offense means he doesn't have to get that high - as long as the Dolphins have any sort of rushing attack, the play action comes into play and the Dolphins will be able to throw the ball well. Miller's performance on Sunday makes that possible.

Stock Down: Brandon Fields - Okay, this one is nit-picky, but, as the team clearly said during their reactions to the win, this was a solid team win, with all three phases of the game coming through for the victory. In needing a third stock down candidate, I will use the shank that Fields had in the second quarter as justification for this spot. Fields, who routinely averages around 58 yards per kick, hit one off the side of his foot for just 25 yards on Sunday. He ended up with an average of just 41.6, with a long of 53 yards during the game, and he did pin the Colts inside their 20 yard line three times, but that 25 yard kick was ugly. Fields' stock is so high with this team, though, that even one dip, from one game, cannot hurt his role.

Honorable Mention: Ryan Tannehill - We typically try to keep the Stock Up/Stock Down post to three of each, but there's no way to ignore Tannehill's performance on Sunday. For the second straight week he was decisive and accurate. There were a couple of times that he held the ball too long, leading to a sack, but he stood toe-to-toe with the quarterback everyone hails as the greatest to come out of college in 30 years, and Tannehill outplayed him. A 23-for-34 for 319 yards and one touchdown performance, giving him a 107.4 passer rating, is deserving of making the list this week.

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