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Jets vs Patriots final score excites Dolphins fans

The New England Patriots and New York Jets put on one of the least watchable games in the NFL in a while. It was bad. Which should excite Miami Dolphins fans.

Jim Rogash

Did you watch that embarrassment of an NFL Thursday Night Football game? The New England Patriots came away with a 13-10 victory over the New York Jets, according to the scoreboard, but I am fairly certain neither of those two teams were winners last night. I am fairly certain that the real winners from last night's game are Miami Dolphins fans.

The New England Patriots some how have a 2-0 record, with both wins coming in the division thanks to the Buffalo Bills gifting away the Week 1 game and then the Patriots playing the Jets.

Before the season, a lot of people described the Patriots as "vulnerable." After last night, vulnerable might be generous. The Patriots simply looked bad. BAD.

Tom Brady was 19-for-39 for 185 yards and a touchdown. It's the first time since 2009 Brady was under 50% completions. The problem is, Brady's not the problem. His receivers are the problem. There's just no one able to, oh, I don't know, receive the ball. Repeatedly, ball after ball hit the dirt when Brady threw one direction while the receiver turned the other.

The only player to actually have a decent game receiving was Julian Edelman, who came down with 13 passes. Of course he only gained 78 yards, with a 6.0 yards per reception average. That's not exactly setting the world on fire.

Meanwhile, the Jets actually out gained the Patriots 318 yards to 232. But, when your rookie quarterback goes 15-for-35 for 214 yards, with three interceptions, giving him a grand total passer rating of 27.6, you aren't going to win. Geno Smith was bad on the night, throwing passes behind receivers or into coverage. But, he did keep the Jets in the game, and, conceivably, able to win if any of the Jets receivers could actually catch.

Stephen Hill caught four passes on eight targets, Santonio Holmes three receptions on six targets, Clyde Gates pulled in two of the eight passes thrown his way, Bilal Powell had two catches on five targets, Kellen Winslow had three receptions from his six targets, and Ryan Spadola didn't catch the one pass headed his way. Fullback Tommy Bohanon did catch the one pass thrown to him.

Gates' performance was so bad that after the game, Michael Irvin said if it were up to him, he would cut Gates in the locker room, and that Edward Scissorhands could catch a pass better than Gates.

Dolphins fans should be excited about last night's game. It was so bad, that Miami fans should feel the team actually could make a play for the AFC East crown this year. Of course, that's assuming the Dolphins don't fall apart and that Brady doesn't suddenly make his receivers realize he is Brady, and that they should catch the ball when he throws it.

The Patriots are clearly not the same Patriots team that has dominated the AFC East for so long. The Jets are clearly in for a long season. The Dolphins could be sitting pretty this year. It's still a long season, and anything can happen, but the signs at least are looking good for Miami.

And, if nothing else, it was a lot of fun to watch Brady screaming in frustration last night.

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