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Don Shula: A Football Life premieres tonight

The NFL’s All-Time Winningest Coach Don Shula takes center stage on NFL Network tonight in the premiere o “Don Shula: A Football Life.”

Jeff Gross

[Editor's Note: This was originally scheduled to post prior to the premiere, but got stuck in the queue for some reason.  As such, it's a little late (as in, the premiere already happened), but there is a re-air of the show at midnight ET if you missed it.]

If there is anyone around the game of football who is worthy of having an episode of NFL  Network's A Football Life series, it's Don Shula.  The former Miami Dolphins head coach is a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame.  His 347 total wins ranks him number one all time, with his 328 regular season wins also leading the league.  He coached the only team to complete a perfect season in NFL history.  He coached 15 different Hall of Fame Players in his career.  And, he nearly chose to be a priest rather than a coach.

Tonight at 9pm ET, Shula will finally get his due, with the premiere of "Don Shula: A Football Life" on NFL Network.  It only took into the series third season for the Coach to be featured.

Outside of an actual Dolphins football game, this is probably the one must-watch program of the week.

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