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Strikes & Gutters: Week 2 Fantasy Advice

If our week one advice column didn't completely kill you, WELCOME BACK!

Mike Ehrmann

Part of blogging fantasy advice means accepting failure and acknowledging that there is no way you are going to get everything right. I'm relatively happy with my week one suggestions and predictions. One of the main reasons we love the NFL so much is because it's unpredictable. That said, I do feel like week one is the toughest to forecast, and overall I think I did ok. Of the 5 strikes I suggested, I'd say I hit on 3 of them. The Dolphins Defense, Reggie Wayne and Shane Vereen being the biggest successes. I even mentioned Jermaine Kearse and Brian Hartline as players to watch out for. But, I swung for the fences and missed on Zac Sudfeld as well as  the rest of the Seahawks offense. 

As for the Gutters; I didn't fare nearly as well. Because TDs are very difficult to predict, I'll give myself a 2.5 out 5. Jordy Nelson proved me very wrong. It turns out James Jones was the Packer WR you needed to sit for the same reasons I discussed. His routes on the outside take longer to develop and he just didn't get many looks with Rodgers trying to get the ball out quickly. Right analysis, wrong player. Mea Culpa. I'm sure, based on where you drafted Nelson, you probably left him in your line-up anyway. The Bucs passing game did struggle mightily, but Vincent Jackson did produce numbers and I told you to leave him in. Mike Williams came through with a TD and Freeman didn't get you many points. Steve Smith also had a quiet game, but did find the end zone, and the Chargers somehow put up 28 points, without gaining a ton of yards. Rivers was good from a TD standpoint, but I doubt anyone drafted Eddie Royal. I hit the nail on the head with Wallace though (unfortunately). 

Once again, our weekly fantasy advice won't be centered on the obvious choices. The big guns last week (Manning, Peterson, Kaepernick) were all obvious starts. This weeks Strikes and Gutters will come from murkier waters.


Packers offensive players: The Redskins Defense looks porous. And besides the obvious Rodgers, Nelson and Cobb starts I think Jones gets off the schnide, and Lacy and Finley could be poised for big games as well. Don't be afraid to start your fringe Packer players this week. I know not every single skill player for the Pack is going to have a big game, but I do expect decent numbers from all of them and I think they make a point of getting Jones involved this week specifically.

Maurice Jones Drew: Going into the season I felt like he was poised for a bounce back year, and I still believe that. I know the Jags are terrible. But they have been terrible for a long time and the little guy has remained relevant. Oakland may be just as bad as Jacksonville. These are probably the two worst teams in the NFL and MJD will be the best player on the field by far. If you own MJD, don't panic, he's going to be fine and this should be a big game for him.

Eric Decker and Julius Thomas: Of all the high powered offenses in the NFL this season, the Broncos may be the scariest. The Giants were just shredded by the Cowboys, and I expect them to play a little better, but the task doesn't get any easier. I think Julius Thomas is going to be a match up nightmare most weeks for everyone. And I think Peyton tries to get Decker some love this week after he was the odd man out against Baltimore.

Desean Jackson: The Eagles offense is sneaky good this year and Jackson is the perfect WR for their system. Also, the Chargers pass defense looks soft. I expect the Eagles to run a ton of plays again at home, and I see Desean Jackson benefitting from this fast break style yet again. Depending on who your other QB is Vick could be a decent play here too. And McCoy may end up being the best RB in fantasy. I was very glad I landed him at 7 in my main league this season.

Courtesy Dolphin Start of the Week, Mike Wallace: I think he bounces back in a big way this week. The Colts Defense is vulnerable, and I believe the Dolphins passing game is legit and they will make a point of getting Wallace involved.


Ray Rice: Color me convinced, Cleveland's front 7 is for real. The sledding will be very tough for Ray Rice against the Browns. You are starting Ray Rice because of where you drafted him, but do not count on huge fantasy numbers from him on the ground. Hopefully, you are in a PPR league if you own him this week.

Vick Ballard/Ahmad Bradshaw: The Colts RB situation this season actually intrigues me as I see a lot of potential later on in the year. Ahmad Bradshaw is very talented, but not all the way back from injury yet and Vick Ballard is very capable. This week, they will not do much against the Dolphins front seven though. If the colts are going to beat us, it will be through the air (like last season).

Anquan Boldin: Expect him to come back down to earth after an amazing debut in San Francisco last Sunday. The Seahawks secondary is legit, and I expect Richard Sherman to take him out of the game. I'm eager to see how Kaepernick and the rest of the offense adjusts.

Roddy White: I had the unfortunate of honor selecting Roddy White in the official Phinsider Fantasy League this season. I was unaware the term "high ankle sprain" was being associated with him this year. He is pretty much useless until fully recovered, and that may be a while. You will need to sit Roddy for a while if you were tricked as badly as I was too. Le sigh...

Courtesy Dolphin Sit for the Week, Lamar Miller: I actually think the Colts defense is vulnerable to the run. I just have no faith in our running game currently. Add in to the equation that Daniel Thomas is vulturing short TDs, and I just don't feel comfortable starting Miller until I see something tangible first. He very well could have a good game this week, but if I own him, I'm not chancing it until I see it. Flex play at best for me this week.

There's a few more strikes I liked this week, but wanted to keep it to 5. All fantasy advice is 100% Guaranteed. If you aren’t satisfied with the results, please accept my humble apologies and a full refund. If you have any specific fantasy questions, go ahead and post them in the comments section and I will get to them before the games start on Thursday and again before Sunday. This article is being posted early in the week to account for the Thursday game (even though I made no mention of it, start Tom Brady), so any injury news that happens involving any predictions will be mentioned in the comments.

"Sometimes you eat the bear, and sometimes, well, he eats you."