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NFL Power Rankings Week 2: 49ers stay on top, Dolphins start to climb

With the first week of the 2013 NFL season in the books, it's time to update our 2013 NFL Power Rankings. Of course, you are welcome to discuss how off my rankings are in the comments as well.

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

The first week of the 2013 NFL season is in the books, which means updated Power Rankings. Last week, we brought you SB Nation's full power rankings, with mine used as 1/32 of the voting process. This week, we go back to straight forward with my rankings standing on their own.

Of course, you can critique and give your own rankings in the comments below.

Team LW Change Week 1 Results Remarks
1 Sf_tiny_medium
1 -- W 34-28, vs Green Bay The 49ers stay atop the rankings after again beating the Packers.
2 Den_tiny_medium
3 +1 W 49-27, vs Baltimore Many thought the Broncos would win. Not many thought it would be like that.
3 Sea_tiny_medium
2 -1 W 12-7, at Carolina Always tough for a west coast team to play an early game on the east coast, but the Seahawks should have been better.
4 Gb_tiny_medium
4 -- L 34-28, at San Francisco Hard to justify dropping a team who loses to the top ranked team.
5 Atl_tiny_medium
5 -- L 23-17, at New Orleans The Falcons should probably fall, but everyone right below them either lost, or barely beat a team they should have crushed. Guess Atlanta stays.
6 Nyg_tiny_medium
7 +1 L 36-31, at Dallas Similar to the Falcons, the Giants should fall more, but there's not a lot of people who should jump them.
7 Ne_tiny_medium
6 -1 W 23-21, at Buffalo Just sliding past the Bills deserves a one position drop.
8 Saints_tiny_medium
12 +4 W 23-17, vs Atlanta Go on the road and play like that, and the Saints should go marching up the rankings even more.


15 +6 W 36-31, vs New York Giants Beating the Giants in (Cowboys)AT&T Stadium is tougher for Dallas than it should be, but they finally did it.
10 Ind_tiny_medium
11 +1 W 21-17, vs Oakland Moving up the rankings for beating the Raiders should not really happen.
11 Hou_tiny_medium
8 -3 W 31-28, at San Diego Barely pulled off the win with a last second field goal. It was not a great performance from a team expecting to be great this year.
12 Chi_tiny_medium
16 +4 W 24-21, vs Cincinnati Came back to win after falling behind early. Good performance from Jay Cutler.
13 Cin_tiny_medium
9 -4 L 24-21, at Chicago Led early, but let it slip away. Penalties, turnovers, and, maybe a desire to not take the headstart the rest of the winless AFC North tried to give them, were too much.
14 Bal_tiny_medium
10 -4 L 49-27, at Denver That did not look like the Super Champion Ravens.
15 Mia_tiny_medium
17 +2 W 23-10, at Cleveland Things did not always go right, but the team stayed with it and got the win. That defense is scary.
16 Det_tiny_medium
18 +2 W 34-24, vs Minnesota Reggie Bush looked great. GREAT.
17 Phi_tiny_medium
22 +5 W 33-27, at Washington Keep playing like that, and this team will make everyone forget last year's 4-12 season.
18 Sd_tiny_medium
24 +6 L 31-28, vs Houston That was a painful way to lose, but an impressive performance.
19 Was_tiny_medium
13 -6 L 33-27, vs Philadelphia Hmmm...maybe the preseason is semi-important. We'll see if one game is enough to completely shake the rust off RG3.
20 Pit_tiny_medium
14 -6 L 16-9, vs Tennessee What was that?
21 Min_tiny_medium
19 -2 L 34-24, at Detroit Adrian Peterson played like Adrian Peterson. Probably didn't deserve a two position slide.
22 Stl_tiny_medium
21 -1 W 27-24, vs Arizona There's talent here, and they could climb the rankings if they are able to beat a team not from Arizona.
23 Car_tiny_medium
20 -3 L 12-7, vs Seattle The opportunity to beat the Seahawks will probably not be as good for anyone else this year, but the Panthers simply couldn't put two halves of football together to finish it.
24 Cle_tiny_medium
23 -1 L 23-10, vs Miami This team is going to sneak up on some teams this year. That's an outstanding defensive front seven.
25 Ten_tiny_medium
25 -- W 16-9, at Pittsburgh A win over the Steelers used to be worth a lot. Not this year, apparently.
26 Kc_tiny_medium
26 -- W 28-2, at Jacksonville The first ever 28-2 game in NFL history doesn't get the Chiefs a lot of respect thanks to the inept Jaguars performance.
27 Buf_tiny_medium
30 +3 L 23-21, vs New England Hung with the Patriots for 59:55 seconds. Needed five more seconds.
28 Nyj_tiny_medium
32 +4 W 18-17, vs Tampa Bay How?
29 Ari_tiny_medium
28 -1 L 27-24, at St. Louis Karlos Dansby struggled to cover Rams tight end Jared Cook. Who knew?
30 Oak_tiny_medium
31 +1 L 21-17, at Indianapolis Al Davis' final draft pick, Terrelle Pryor could keep the Raiders relevent longer than expected this year.
31 Tb_tiny_medium
27 -4 L 18-17, at New York Jets And there goes my survival picks for the season.
32 Jax_tiny_medium
29 -3 L 28-2, vs Kansas City Two points? Two?

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