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Dennis Green does not think Dolphins who we think they are

This offseason has been one of a lot of roster movement and hype around the Miami Dolphins. From signing players like Mike Wallace and Brent Grimes to trading up in the Draft for Dion Jordan, a lot has been made about the Dolphins’ 2013 chances. According to former NFL coach Dennis Green, however, the Dolphins will not live up to the hype.

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The Miami Dolphins spent a lot this offseason, surrounding second year quarterback Ryan Tannehill with new offensive weapons, and re-engineering the defense. With all of the aggressive movement around the team, hype was quick to follow. Could the Dolphins challenge the New England Patriots in the AFC East? Are the Dolphins a playoff caliber organization?

A lot of people think the answer to both of those questions is yes, and they see that happening through a big step forward in the development of Tannehill. recently named Tannehill the top player who will be ‘Making the Leap' this season. Offensive coordinator Mike Sherman has said Tannehill will be the most improved quarterback in the league in 2013. There is a lot of optimism around the Miami quarterback.

Unless you talk to former NFL head coach Dennis Green. "I don't think Ryan's (Tannehill) a great quarterback," Green said on NFL Network's "Inside Training Camp Live" this week. "So, the key is going to be, how can they overcome losing two great players."

The two great players Green is worried about the Dolphins losing this offseason are Detroit Lions running back Reggie Bush and St. Louis Rams tackle Jake Long, both of whom were allowed to leave Miami in free agency this year.

"If you wanted your quarterback to be a good player and have a great year, then you should have signed the best players on your offense," Green continued. "And when you don't do that, you're going to have problems."

Green praised the Dolphins' addition of wide receiver Mike Wallace, but clearly thinks he will not be able to help the team succeed in 2013.

I like Mike Wallace if he's here to play, but Mike Wallace is no Reggie Bush," Green said. "Mike Wallace is a great guy with great speed. He's made a lot of plays down the field, but Reggie Bush has scored a lot of touchdowns. And Mike Wallace is no Jake Long, either.

"I think you always start with keeping your own good players, because they don't have that physiological negative effect when you lose one of your better players. I'm just saying why I think they're going to struggle offensively."

Apparently, at least according to Green, the Dolphins are not who we think they are.

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