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Monday Night Random Live Thread:Overreaction Edition

Monday Night Random Live Thread:Overreaction Edition

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

I figured a good theme for tonight's post would be "Overreaction" as this is of course what we will see from many a Phins fan following last nights sub-par performance from mostly 3rd and 4th string guys that have little or no shot to make the roster. I would personally like to put out the call for calm and a show of restraint and a return to sanity for those of you that think this is the second worse sign behind the 4 horsemen showing up or Alpha starting his own frog farm.

I am willing to agree that there were a few things that bothered me from certain players last night but I also know it's early in camp and some guys have a bit of rust to knock off. I am also aware that we will have no idea what we have until at least a majority of our starters are on the field at the same time which is why basing any conclusion of what we have on our hands based on last nights performance is without merit. I am sure that like last night there will also be some additional weakness' that pop up along the way as we watch these pre-season games but better now so that the front office and coaching staff can look for a solution before the season starts.

What are your thoughts one way or another? Where do you think we stand? Do you agree with me that there is no way to know anything right now or am I fooling myself and this is just another sign of the end?

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