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Dolphins roster cuts 2013: Fan Poll for 53 man roster

The Miami Dolphins, and every NFL team, must cut their roster from 75 men to 53 by 6pm ET tomorrow. After last night's final preseason game, who makes the roster and who misses out? Here's your chance to decide!

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Dolphins have some tough choices ahead of them. Do they keep six wide receivers? What about a fullback? How does someone like A.J. Francis, who has played well this preseason at a very deep position for the Dolphins, fit into the roster? The team has until 6pm ET Saturday to make those choices.

You however, don't get that long if you want to make your choices. Below is a list of all 75 players on the Dolphins' roster. You now have a chance to select your 53 men who will make it. The system is set up so you must choose 53, and you cannot go over 53. How do you build your roster?

Later today, I will post the results of the Phinsider Community's 53-man roster projection, and we will get to see how close to the final roster we were.

Have fun, and start voting!

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