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Phinsider 2013 Miami Dolphins Preview Magazine: Introduction

The Phinsider 2013 Miami Dolphins Preview Magazine will feature 24 posts over 24 hours. Join us as we get ready for the Dolphins' 2013 season.


Welcome to the 2013 Phinsider Preview Virtual Magazine. Over the next 24 hours, we will take a look back at the 2012 Miami Dolphins season, as well as take a look at the team's roster, opponents for the upcoming season, and our expectations for this year.

We at the Phinsider really hope you enjoy this look at the Dolphins. We have multiple authors ready to bring you this look, and it will be presented through a 24-in-24 publication, with 24 articles being posted one an hour for the next 24 hours, leading us into the Dolphins' appearance in the 2013 Hall of Fame Game against the Dallas Cowboys.

To give you a kind of Table of Contents for the publication, here will be our publication schedule from here (all times EDT):

9pm - 2012 Season Review
10pm - 2013 Schedule
11pm - 2013 Draft Recap
12am - Week 1 @ Cleveland Browns Preview
1am - Week 2 @ Indianapolis Colts Preview
2am - Week 3 vs Atlanta Falcons Preview
3am - Week 4 @ New Orleans Saints Preview
4am - Week 5 vs Baltimore Ravens Preview
5am - Week 7/16 Buffalo Bills Preview
6am - Week 8/15 New England Patriots Preview
7am - Week 9 vs Cincinnati Bengals
8am - Week 10 @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers Preview
9am - Week 11 vs San Diego Chargers Preview
10am - Week 12 vs Carolina Panthers Preview
11am - Week 13/17 New York Jets Preview
12pm - Week 14 @ Steelers
1pm - Depth Chart Review - QB/RB
2pm - Depth Chart Review - WR/TE
3pm - Depth Chart Review - OL/DL
4pm - Depth Chart Review - LB
5pm - Depth Chart Review - CB/S
6pm - 2013 Dolphins Fantasy Preview
7pm - 2013 Dolphins Expectations

During this time, we will, of course, continue to cover any news out of Miami, as well as preview and build up to the Hall of Fame Game itself, which kicks off at 8pm EDT Sunday.

Once again, we all hope you enjoy this effort. Feel free to comment in any of the articles as they are posted. This is an exciting time to be a Miami Dolphins fan, and we are hoping that, through this preview, you feel that excitement.

The Phinsider Team