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What to expect over the next 24 hours on the Phinsider

We are going to have a special 24 hours for the Phinsider. It's going to result in some changes to our layout, but it should continue to bring you the best coverage of the Miami Dolphins possible.


The Miami Dolphins are just over 24 hours away from opening the 2013 NFL's Preseason by appearing in the annual Hall of Fame Game in Canton, Ohio. This year, they will face off against the Dallas Cowboys. In our ramp up to coverage of the game, the Phinsider is going to do something special.

This will result in the face of the Phinsider changing a little. We are going to break out a cover we have never used here on the site, but it should absolutely keep you up to date with everything we are posting.

Here's what we are going to do.

The cover (the set of articles represented in pictures at the top of the front page) will change to three stories, each covering one third of the cover. The first slot will continue to be our training camp Story Stream, which will continue to hold that number one position until camp breaks.

The third slot will be another Story Stream, which will be our Hall of Fame Game coverage, with everything previewing the game, as well as the live thread and any breaking news, located in there.

Which, brings us to the middle third. This is the most exciting part of the next 24 hours. We are going to produce a virtual preview magazine for the Phinsider. To do that, we are going to post 24 articles over 24 hours. They will all be listed in a Story Stream, placed in the center position. You can keep up with all of the stories there.

Of course, every story will also be placed on the Front Page itself, continuing to advance down the river of stories below the cover in reverse chronological order, so you can follow what is posted when.

Hopefully you will all enjoy this, as we will have a lot of fresh, new, information for you, as well as a look back at 2012, all flowing onto the Phinsider over the next 24 hours.

The introduction to our Phinsider Preview magazine will be posted at 8pm ET. After that, every hour on the hour, a new story will be posted.

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