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Saints vs Dolphins: Miami game time weather report

The Miami Dolphins host the New Orleans Saints at 7:30pm ET tonight. A late August game in Miami Gardens, Florida typically means high temperatures and potentially rain. What will it be like tonight?

Mike Ehrmann

It is going to be hot and wet in Miami Gardens tonight as the New Orleans Saints visit the Miami Dolphins. Of course, that really should be expected in any late summer contest in South Florida. How hot and how wet are really the only questions.

With a 7:30pm ET kickoff, the temperature is forecasted to be 85°F, with a heat index of 92°. There will be nearly 70% humidity and a light South-Southeast wind. Currently, there is a 20% chance of rain throughout the game.

Just before the contest is scheduled to start, however, it is supposed to rain. Over the two hours leading up to kickoff, isolated thunderstorms are projected to be in the area, meaning the field is going to be wet. Just another day to be thankful the Miami Marlins do not play in Sun Life Stadium anymore, removing the infield from the middle of football field.

Sunset tonight will officially occur just after kickoff at 7:43pm.

With the game being a night game in Miami, the Dolphins will likely be wearing their aqua uniforms tonight.

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