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Dolphins roster cuts could still include Pat Devlin

The Miami Dolphins cut their roster down to 75 players on Tuesday, meeting the NFL's roster limit. However, another round of cuts will happen next week, and speculation seems to be mounting that quarterback Pat Devlin could be included in the cuts.

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The Miami Dolphins have some tough decisions ahead of them, with coaches trying to find a way to keep all of the talent they have acquired.  With the 75 man roster cuts completed today, the 53 man limit is just four days away.  Every depth player the team keeps is a player from elsewhere on the roster that they have to cut.

One potential cut that is raising a lot of speculation lately is the possibility that the Dolphins could cut third string quarterback Pat Devlin.

Asked about the criteria needed to keep three quarterbacks on the roster today, head coach Joe Philbin commented, "I think developmental is always the way to go there, if you can (for) a third guy, someone you...think, 'This guy can get better, improve and develop into more than that.' I don't know if you want to keep one just to have one. I think there has to be some compelling reason to keep one."

Is Devlin someone the team can continue to develop?  He was clearly Philbin's pet last year.  Will he be again this year?

Could the Dolphins be looking to put Devlin on the practice squad this year?

Obviously, the team has their primary backup in Matt Moore, who Philbin also mentioned in his comments Tuesday. "We think a lot of Matt. We have a lot of respect for Matt both as a player on the field and as a teammate in the locker room and as a member of the community off-the-field. I think he does an excellent job. We are glad he is here.

"Again, I'm very happy that he is on the ball club, there's no question about it. I'm looking forward to working with him this year, and I'm glad he's on the Miami Dolphins, absolutely."

Obviously, it's a risk to only have two quarterbacks on the roster come game day, but, if the team is down to the third quarterback in any game, things have gone horribly wrong.  If the team is down to Devlin before any game this season, they would likely look to sign a veteran over him.  So, maybe the practice squad is the best place for Devlin, which would free up a roster spot for someone else.

Of course, a team could look to poach Devlin, which would be another risk the team may need to consider in whatever they decide.

Whatever the decision ends up being, there's going to be risk.  And, until the decision is made, there's going to be speculation.

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